Committee Membership: equivalent
Committee for examining the calculation of the equivalent

The parliament, conforming to the minutes of the last sederunt, proceeded to elect the committee for examination of the calculation of the equivalent of £398,085 10s, and the three estates, having separated to their usual places, returned and reported their respective elections and the list of the committee is as follows. Of the nobility, [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, lord president of the privy council, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll and [John Hay], marquis of Tweeddale; of the commissioners for shires, Sir Alexander [Home] Campbell of Cessnock, George Baillie of Jerviswood and John Haldane of Gleneagles, and of the commissioners for burghs, Robert Inglis, Lieutenant Colonel John Erskine and Hugh Montgomery [of Busbie], and the committee was appointed to meet in the inner-session house the first interval day of parliament at 10 o'clock in the morning.

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