[Overture for an act discharging the importation and wearing of muslin, calico and other foreign linen]

Our sovereign lady and estates of parliament do hereby strictly prohibit and discharge all merchants and other persons whatsoever to import into this kingdom any foreign Holland linen, cambric, lawn, dornick, damask, ticken, busten or damity, striped or twisted Holland, calico, muslin, selecia or East-India linen, sail-cloth and all other sorts of linen made of flax, hemp or cotton, and that from and after the date hereof; as also strictly prohibits and discharges the wearing and using thereof upon the persons of any of the subjects in this kingdom, and the buying and selling thereof by way of merchandise, from and after the [...] day of [...] next to come, certifying such as shall contravene this present act, by importing, selling, buying, wearing or using, that they shall be liable in the sum of [...] for every occasion, to be paid to the discoverer or pursuer, in addition to the confiscation of the goods. And it's hereby declared that action is competent at the instance of any of her majesty's subjects for putting this law into execution, and that before any judge whatsoever, who are hereby ordained to administer justice thereon without delay, and who may admit probation by writ, witnesses or oath or party, as the pursuer shall think fit.

  1. NAS. PA3/7, bound after 1705 printed minutes.