[Proposal read and ordered to be printed; citation to attend parliament; revision of ratifications]

Prayers said, rolls called.

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

Proposal anent the arming and training of an army of 72,000 foot and 8,000 horse by raising of a month and half month's supply read and ordered to be printed.

Ordered that Colin Campbell of Glendaruel and Neil MacLeod, one of the captains of her majesty's foot guards, and George MacKenzie, son to George MacKenzie in Stonehaven, who were cited before the parliament, do attend the further diets thereof.

Ordered that the ratifications and warrants for fairs to be given in this session of parliament be ready to be presented the third sederunt next week, and her majesty's high commissioner appoints [Sir James Stewart of Goodtrees], lord advocate, [David Boyle, earl of Glasgow], lord treasurer depute, and [Adam Cockburn of Ormiston], lord justice clerk, or any two of them, to revise the same.

[Diet for receiving report concerning the public accounts and related petitions; process heard and protection granted]

Ordered that the said sederunt next week be for receiving the report of the commission for public accounts, and that petitions relating thereto come in according to the order of the said report.

Process of Sir Walter Seaton against [Robert] Malloch and others called, and parties' procurators being heard as to the seeing of the process, the parliament refused to allow the defenders to see the same in regard they did not call for it in due time; and the procurators being further heard whether a personal protection shall be granted to the pursuer or not, after the parliament's reasoning thereon, they, in respect of his special circumstances, granted to him a personal protection, reserving to the creditors to insist by way of reduction before the judge ordinary of any deed done in their prejudice.

Moved that he be obliged to give his oath before the lord chancellor whether he has made any fraudulent conveyance or not, and that before extracting.

Moved also that his protection be given simply without any such quality, and, after debate, it was put to the vote simply or with a quality, and carried simply.

Then agreed that this protection continue until recalled by the parliament.

[Petitions delayed; petition granted; overtures read; acts read]

Petition for Patrick [Kinnaird], lord Kinnaird continued until next sederunt for private business, and to be then first under consideration.

Petition for Colonel Patrick Ogilvy and others for preventing the importation of Irish victual read, and, after debate, agreed that the same be under the consideration of the parliament the first sederunt after the act of the supply shall be finished.

Petition for [David Erskine], earl of Buchan again read, and, after reasoning thereon, it was put to the vote grant a year to the petitioner to enter heir to his predecessors who died last infeft for the ends contained in his petition or not, and it carried grant.

Overture for an act in favour of the town of Glasgow for an imposition of 2d upon the pint of all ale brewed and vended within the said town for payment of their debt, read.

Overture for an act in favour of the royal burghs and others for the same imposition also read.

Moved that a first reading be marked on the act in favour of the town of Glasgow, also moved that a first reading be marked on the general act; and, after debate, it was put to the vote mark a first reading on the general or special act, and carried mark a first reading on the special act.


Then the lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament until tomorrow at 10 o'clock.

[James Ogilvy, earl of] Seafield, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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