Act in favour of Mistress Jean Ramsay

Our sovereign lady, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, considering the great and eminent services done by Lieutenant General George Ramsay to her majesty and this kingdom, and that there were considerable sums of arrears due to him at his decease, as also that he did engage his own credit and estate on the account of the clothing of the regiment of guards, and that the not payment of the said arrears engaged him in other debts for his own subsistence according to his rank and quality, the interest of which debts, with the interest of the debts contracted for the clothing, having run on and increasing daily, may in all probability exhaust his private estate. Therefore, the estates of parliament do humbly make offer to her majesty of one month's cess to be uplifted furth of the land rent, at the four terms respectively after-mentioned by equal portions, namely at the term of Candlemas [2 February] 1707 and at Candlemas 1708, and at Candlemas 1709 and at the term of Candlemas 1710, in the same manner and conforming to the same rules as are set down in the act of supply granted to her majesty in this session of parliament, and that towards the payment of the clothing of the regiment of guards preceding the year 1700 in the first place and the remainder thereof towards the payment of the other arrears of the said Lieutenant General George Ramsay. And her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, ordains the said cess to be uplifted, ingathered and appropriated to the said uses accordingly.

Act salvo jure cujuslibet read, voted and approved and touched with the sceptre by her majesty's high commissioner, of which act the tenor follows.

Act salvo jure cujuslibet

Our sovereign lady, taking to consideration that there are several acts of ratifications and others made and passed in this session of parliament in favour of particular persons without calling or hearing of such as may be thereby concerned or prejudged, therefore, her majesty, with the advice and consent of the estates of parliament, statutes and ordains that all such particular acts and acts of ratifications passed in manner foresaid shall not prejudge any third party of their lawful rights, nor of their actions and defences competent thereupon before the making of the said particular acts and acts of ratification, and that the lords of session and all other judges of this kingdom shall be obliged to judge between parties according to their several rights standing in their persons before the making of the said acts, all which are hereby expounded and declared to have been made salvo jure cujuslibet.

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