Petition for Mr Charles Campbell, read, and a stay of personal execution granted to him in the terms of the deliverance of parliament upon his said petition, which is as follows.

Act and recommendation in favour of Captain Charles Campbell

At Edinburgh, 14 and 18 September 1705, her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having heard the petition of Captain Charles Campbell, humbly showing to them that where the petitioner having last session of parliament represented that there was £600 sterling of arrears and others due to him by the public, conforming to particular instructions given in thereof, his grace and the high court of parliament were pleased to sustain the justice of his claim, and ordered him £100 sterling to account, and there being £500 sterling still resting, the want of which these several years bypast has run the petitioner in debt and put his affairs in disorder, which may incapacitate him to appear in public if not prevented by his grace's and their lordships' compassion and bounty. And seeing the petitioner, for the more easy accommodating his business, is willing to accept at present what part for his present necessity their lordships shall think fit and, in case their lordships' bounty will extend to the whole, he shall then discharge the public, craving therefore, his grace and their lordships to take the petitioner's circumstances to consideration and, for relief thereof, to order him payment of such a sum as their goodness and wisdom should think fit, and that out of some sure fund in being or to be imposed and, until the same be made effectual, to suspend all legal diligence against his person, as the said petition bears. And her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having on the said 14 September heard and considered the said petition read in their presence, they recommended and hereby recommend the petitioner to the lords commissioners of her majesty's treasury for payment of £100 sterling, in part payment of his bygone arrears, out of what fund they shall think most effectual and ordained all parties concerned to see and answer that part of the petition craving a stay of legal diligence against the first sederunt of parliament the then next week. And having again on 18 September again heard and considered that part of the said petition, craving a stay of legal diligence, and there being no answers made thereto by his creditors, they granted and hereby grant to the petitioner a stay of all legal diligence against his person for any debts due by him to his creditors, until the petitioner is repaid of the arrears due to him as an officer of the army. Extract.

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