Procedure: motion for gratuities for commissioners of public accounts

Moved that a gratuity should be given to the members of the commission of parliament, namely [Charles Murray], earl of Dunmore, Mr William Seton [of Pitmedden], Mr John Clerk [of Penicuik], Mr Dougald Stewart [of Blairhall] and Mr Robert Fraser, for their pains and attendance in auditing and examining the public accounts since the last session of parliament. Agreed to, that each of the forenamed persons shall have £200 sterling paid to them for their said pains and attendance, and that out of any sure fund as the same shall hereafter occur. Agreed likewise that Walter Riddell, clerk to the said commission, for his pains and attendance on the said committee shall have £50 sterling paid to him.

Procedure: recommendation
Recommendation to her majesty in favour of several of the members and clerk of the commission for auditing the public accounts

Moved that in regard no sure fund does at present appear out of which the above-named persons can receive ready payment of their respective sums, that, therefore, the estates of parliament should recommend them to her majesty that she may order the said payments in the way and manner her royal wisdom shall judge most proper, which motion was agreed to accordingly.

Procedure: article of commission and petition scheduled

Agreed that the article of the report of the commission relating to the poll-money collected by [William Cochrane of] Ferguslie, and the petition given in by George Preston be first under consideration next sederunt of parliament.

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