Act changing a weekly market and two fairs in favour of the burgh of Anstruther Wester

Our sovereign lady, with the special advice and consent of the estates of parliament, does, by this act, appoint and ordain a market to be kept weekly upon Thursday, and two fairs to be held yearly, one upon the first Tuesday of July and the other upon the second Tuesday of October, in all time coming, at the burgh of Anstruther Wester, and that in place of the weekly market formerly appointed to be held there on Sabbath, and of the yearly fairs, one in March and the other in December formerly kept at the said burgh; and does hereby give and grant to the magistrates and council of the foresaid burgh, and their successors in office, for the behoof of the community thereof, the right and privilege of keeping the said weekly market and yearly fairs on the said respective days for all kinds of merchandise, in place of the said other market and fairs formerly held at the said burgh in manner above-mentioned, with all the tolls, customs and casualties thereof, and all other liberties, privileges and advantages used and wont to belong to any having the privilege of keeping fairs and markets within this kingdom.

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