Act for two fairs at Huntly in favour of [George Gordon], duke of Gordon

Our sovereign lady and estates of parliament, considering that fairs and markets in convenient places tend much to the good and advantage of the inhabitants thereof and of her majesty's other lieges dwelling near thereto, and also to increase trade and commerce in the nation, and that it is very fit for these ends to authorise two yearly fairs upon the days following at the town of Huntly, lying in the shire of [Aberdeen], and belonging to George, duke of Gordon, do therefore, by this act, appoint two fairs to be kept yearly in all time coming at the said town of Huntly, one thereof upon the third Tuesday of August, and the other upon the first Tuesday of October, and each of them to continue four days; and have given and granted and hereby give and grant to the said duke, his heirs and successors, the right and privilege of keeping the said yearly fairs for all kinds of merchandise, with all the tolls, customs and casualties thereof, with all other liberties, privileges and advantages used and wont to belong to any having the privilege of keeping fairs and markets within this kingdom.

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