Procedure: protest
Protestation of [John Murray], duke of Atholl and others against approving the act for a treaty with England

Before voting the said duke of Atholl protested against approving the act in respect of the reasons contained in his former protestation, which was also adhered to by the persons following: of the nobility, the marquises [James Graham, marquis] of Montrose and [John Hay, marquis of] Tweeddale, the earls [Charles Hay, earl] of Erroll, [William Keith, earl] Marischal, [John Hamilton/Leslie, earl of] Rothes, [Charles Home, earl of] Home, [John Fleming, earl of] Wigtown, [John Lyon, earl of] Strathmore, [John Ker, earl of] Roxburghe, [Thomas Hamilton, earl of] Haddington, [Charles Hamilton Douglas, earl of] Selkirk, [George Gordon, earl of] Aberdeen and [John Hamilton, earl of] Ruglen, [David Murray], viscount of Stormont, [William Fraser], lord Saltoun, [Francis Sempill], lord Sempill, [John Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, [Walter Stewart], lord Blantyre, [Alexander Forbes], lord [Forbes of] Pitsligo, [John Hamilton], lord Belhaven, [Robert Colville], lord Colville [of Ochiltree] and [Patrick Kinnaird], lord Kinnaird; of the barons George Lockhart of Carnwath, Sir Patrick Home of Renton, George Baillie of Jerviswood, John Sinclair, younger of Stevenson, Mr Alexander Ferguson of Isle, John Brisbane, younger of Bishopton, Mr William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss, Sir John Houston of that ilk, John Graham of Killearn, James Graham of Buchlyvie, Robert Rollo of Powhouse, Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, John Murray of Strowan, Alexander Gordon of Pitlurg, John Udny of that ilk, James Moir of Stoneywood, Ludovic Grant of that ilk, David Beaton of Balfour, Major Henry Balfour of Dunbog, Robert Douglas of Strathenry, Mr Patrick Lyon of Auchterhouse, Mr James Carnegie of Finavon, James Haliburton of Pitcur, David Graham, younger of Fintry, James Ogilvie, younger of Boyne, Alexander Duff of Braco, Alexander MacKie of Palgowan, Sir George Sinclair of Clyth, James Sinclair of Stemster, Mr Alexander Abercrombie of Tullibody, Mr George MacKenzie of Inchculter, and Mr Aeneas MacLeod of Cadboll; and of the royal burghs Alexander Robertson [of Craig], Alexander Watson [of Aithernie], Alexander Edgar, Patrick Bruce [of Bunzion], Alexander Duff [of Drummuir], Sir John Erskine [of Alva], James Spittall [of Leuchat], Sir Peter Halkett [of Pitfirrane], Francis Mollison, John Hutchison, Mr William Sutherland, Mr John Lyon, Mr Dougald Stewart [of Blairhall], Sir Robert Anstruther [of Wrae and Balcaskie], Mr John Carruthers [of Denbie], George Home, Mr James Beaton [of Balfour] and Mr Robert Fraser.

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