Procedure: recommendation
Recommendation in favour of Alexander Nisbet

The petition of Alexander Nisbet read, and recommended to the commission for any fund that can be found for him.

Procedure: remits to commission
Remit in favour of Mr John Adair, Captain [John] Slezer and Sir Robert Sinclair

Memorials for Mr Adair and Captain Slezer, with a petition for Sir Robert Sinclair, read and remitted to the commission with preference to their respective interests conforming to the act of parliament.

Remit and recommendation anent the tunnage

As to the rests and embezzlements of the tunnage, remitted to the commission to assist Sir Andrew Home to make the imposition effectual, and to hear any representations thereupon and recommended to the lords of treasury and exchequer to roup the same with the burden of his bygone salaries.

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