Procedure: observations on the poll

Then upon consideration of the foresaid account of the poll-money in the year 1693, and observations thereon, the first and second observations sustained, and the balance therein mentioned allowed to [George Baillie], laird of Jerviswood. As to the third observation, after reasoning thereon it was put to the vote whether to prefer the accounts stated due to the country or to the officers for their arrears to the balance of the said account, and carried prefer the officers for their arrears, and the parliament recommended to the commission to be named to inquire into the undue transactions made anent the accounts due to the country and to report.

The parliament recommends to the commission to be named to consider the arrears due to the garrisons of the castles of Edinburgh, Stirling and Dunnottar, to the effect that what was paid out by the several officers for subsisting their garrisons may be reimbursed to them.

The fourth observation delayed until the next diet of parliament.

Agreed that the parliament discuss the accounts prior to all other business.

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