Act anent supply

The estates of parliament, taking to their consideration the danger that still threatens this kingdom by reason of the continuance of the present war, which visibly requires the keeping up of the standing forces and the supplies necessary for their maintenance, and the repairing, furnishing and maintaining the forts and garrisons and equipping and maintaining the frigates employed for defence of the coasts do, therefore, humbly and cheerfully, for themselves and in name and behalf of this kingdom whom they represent, make offer to her majesty of the sum of £432,000 Scots, extending to six months' cess, which new supply is to be raised and uplifted out of the land rent of this kingdom, in the same manner and conforming to the proportion of the shires and burghs contained in the fifteenth act of the parliament of 1701, providing always that the proportion of burghs is rated and paid as their tax roll now is or shall be settled by themselves, which new supply is to be paid at the terms following, namely two months thereof the first day of September, next two months at Candlemas [2 February] next and the last two months thereof at Whitsunday [15 May] next. And her majesty, considering that this new supply is granted for such necessary uses does, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, declare that no person or persons shall be exempted from payment of their proportion of this supply for their lands upon any pretence whatsoever, excepting mortified lands and the lands of Newmills belonging to the woollen manufactory there, for which mortified lands and lands of Newmills deduction is to be allowed in the quotas of the respective shires, notwithstanding of any former law or privilege in the contrary. And her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, appoints the persons contained in the lists which are to be given in this session of parliament, being always qualified according to law, to be commissioners for ordering and uplifting the said supply, with power to choose their own clerk and to do everything concerning the said supply as is prescribed and appointed by the foresaid act and other acts to which it relates, holding the same as here repeated, and ordains execution to pass for bringing in thereof as is provided by the said acts in all points, and ordains the first meeting of the said commissioners of shires to be at the respective head burghs thereof the last Tuesday of this August, and requires the sheriffs and stewarts or their deputes to intimate the same to the commissioners of their shires and stewartries, with power to the said commissioners to appoint the subsequent diets of their meetings and their conveners from time to time, as also, to appoint collectors with sufficient caution as they shall think fit. And also commits to her majesty's privy council, upon the death or non-acceptance of the commissioners of supply appointed by this act, to nominate and appoint others in their places. And her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, declares all clauses contained in former acts of parliament and conventions of estates in relation to the bringing in of cess and quartering and anent riding money to stand in full force as to the supply now imposed, as if they were herein expressed and were observed before the making of this act. And it is hereby declared that no persons, whether heritor or collector liable in payment of the said supply, shall be held to produce their receipts or discharges of the same after three years from their respective terms of payment, unless diligence be done therefore by denunciation within the said three years, in which case of diligence by denunciation a year further is only added to the said three years, and none shall be held to produce their receipts or discharges thereafter. And because by the supply hereby granted the land rent and burghs of this kingdom are only burdened, and it being just that personal estates in money should bear some proportional burden, therefore her majesty, with advice and consent foresaid, statutes and ordains that every debtor owing money within this kingdom at six per cent of interest shall, in the payment of his annualrent, have retention in his own hands of a twelfth part of six per cent and this retention to be from the term of Whitsunday last exclusive to the term of Whitsunday next. And it is declared that it shall be usury for any creditor to refuse to grant the said retention. And it is further statute and ordained that no part of the said supply be applied to any other uses than those particularly above-expressed, upon any pretence whatsoever, and more especially that the clearance and arrears due to the forces on the present establishment for the fourteen months last past be paid to them punctually, the one half thereof out of the two months' cess payable at Candlemas, and the other half thereof out of the two months' cess payable at Whitsunday2 as above.

Follows the commissioners of supply given in by the noblemen and commissioners for the several shires as was ordered in parliament.

For the shire of Edinburgh: [John Hay], marquis of Tweeddale, [William Kerr], marquis of Lothian, [James Scott], earl of Dalkeith, [John Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, [William Ramsay], earl of Dalhousie, [John Hamilton], earl of Ruglen, [George MacKenzie], earl of Cromarty, [Archibald Primrose], earl of Rosebery, [James Primrose], viscount of Primrose, [William Ross], lord Ross, [James Sandilands], lord Torphichen, [John Bellenden], lord Bellenden, Sir John Lauder of Fountainhall, Sir Robert Dundas of Arniston, Mr Roderick MacKenzie of Prestonhall, lord justice clerk, Sir James Stewart of Goodtrees, Sir James Foulis of Colinton, Sir Robert Dickson of Inveresk, George Lockhart of Carnwath, Sir James Richardson of Smeaton, Sir Patrick Nisbet of Dean, Henry Nisbet, younger thereof, Sir John Ramsay of Whitehill, Sir William Baird of Newbyth, Sir James Baird of Saughtonhall, Sir Alexander Gilmour of Craigmillar, Sir John Foulis of Ravelston, Sir William Binning of Wallyford, Sir James Dick of Prestonfield, Sir James Dalrymple of Killoch, Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that ilk, Sir James Elphinstone of Logie, Sir James MacLurg of Vogrie, Sir Alexander Brand of Brandsfield, Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Sir Robert Chiesley of Bonnington, Sir James Justice of Crichton, John Pringle of Torsonce, James Somerville of Drum, John Borthwick of Crookston, George Loch of Drylaw, Sir Andrew Myreton of Gogar, William Biggar of Woolmet, James Murray of Deucher, Robert Preston of that ilk, [...] Muirhead of Linhouse, [...] Cranstoun of Dewar, Robert Craig of Riccarton, James Ellis of Southside, Hugh Wallace of Ingliston, [...] Foulis of Ratho, Mr William Foulis of Woodhall, Robert Watson of Muirhouse, Mr John Menzies of Cambo, Alexander Brand of Castlebrand, Mr James Oliphant of Langton, the eldest bailie of Musselburgh, the eldest bailie of Dalkeith, Mr Patrick Crow of Haughead, Mr David Forbes of Newhall, advocate, Mr John Mitchelson of Middleton, advocate, Mr John Fairholm of Baberton, advocate, Henry Bothwell of Glencross, Colonel [George] Wishart of Cliftonhall, Archibald Burnett of Carlops, Mr James Smith of Whitehill, Mr Adam Watt of Rosehill, Mr David Pitcairn of Dreghorn, Mr George Alexander of Peppermill, Jasper Johnston of Wariston, William Turnbull of Currie, Mr John MacKenzie of Cramond, George Warrender of Bruntsfield, Thomas Inglis of Manorhead, George Pringle of Haltrees, William Morrison of Prestongrange, the laird of Mortonhall, James Deans of Woodhouslee, Andrew Houston of Calderhall, Edward Marjoribanks of Hallyards, Mr John Mitchell of Alderston, Robert Gray of Wariston, the laird of Liberton, William Martin of Hartwood, the bailie of the regality of Musselburgh, Robert Barr of Costerstoun, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [Charles Hay], lord Yester, [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington, Lord Charles Kerr, Sir Patrick Home of Renton, John Dalrymple, younger of Killoch, [John] Lauder, younger of Fountainhall, the provost of Edinburgh for the time, John Clerk, younger of Penicuik, John Inglis of Auchindinny, Walter Walsh of Lochherret, James Stewart, younger of Goodtrees, the master of Ross and Mr William Johnston of Sciennes.

For the shire of Haddington: [John Hay], marquis of Tweeddale, [George Seton], earl of Winton, [John Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington, [Charles Hope], earl of Hopetoun, [Charles Hay], lord Yester, [Archibald Seton], viscount of Kingston, [James Primrose], viscount of Primrose, [Alexander Murray], lord Elibank, [John Hamilton], lord Belhaven, [Walter Stewart], lord Blantyre, Lord David Hay,3 Lord Alexander Hay [of Spott],4 the master of Belhaven, Sir James Hall of Dunglass, Sir John Hepburn of Blackcastle, [...] White of Crichness, [...] Wauchope of Stottencleugh, elder, [...] Wauchope of Stotincleugh, younger, Ludovic Cant of Dryburnford, [...] Cant of Thurston, Alexander Gordon of Woodhall, Sir Robert Sinclair of Longformacus, Mr Andrew Oswald, portioner of Eastbarns, [...] Purves of Eweford, younger, Sir Robert Lauder of Beilsmouth, Sir Alexander Anstruther, William Sandilands, portioner of Eastbarns, James Hamilton of Hedderwick, [...] Home of Gamelshiel, [Mungo Buchanan], laird of Hilton, the laird of Bourhouses, [Ogle], laird of Poppilhall, [Sir William Hamilton], laird of Whitelaw, Sir John Home of Blackadder, the laird of Pilmuir, Sir Andrew Ramsay of Wauchton, Sir Francis Kinloch of Gilmerton, [William Hepburn], laird of Beinstoun, Alexander Miller of Gourlabank, Sir David Dalrymple of Hailes, Richard Miller of Farnyshott,5 Sir William Baird of Newbyth, William Brown of Dalgowrie, [William Baillie], laird of Lamington, Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Mr John Clerk, younger of Penicuik, Sir John Hay of Alderston, Mr James Dodds, portioner of Nungate, the laird of Bearford, George Seaton of Barns, Sir Robert Sinclair of Stevenson, John Sinclair, younger of Stevenson, Patrick Cockburn of Clerkington, Doctor George Stirling of Letham, David Forrest of Gimersmill, Sir George Seaton of Garleton, the laird of Nunraw, elder, the laird of Nunraw, younger, [...] Douglas of Garvald, John Hay of Hopes, Sir Robert Hay of Linplum, Sir Richard Newton of that ilk, James Christie of Newhall, [...] Haliburton of Eaglescairnie, [Andrew Fletcher], laird of Saltoun, Doctor Sinclair of Hermiston, James Hamilton of Pencaitland, Sir John Lauder of Fountainhall, John Lauder, younger of Fountainhall, Adam Cockburn of Ormiston, John Cockburn, younger of Ormiston, David Hepburn of Humbie, John Hepburn, younger of Humbie, the laird of Keith, David Maitland of Soultray, Joseph Douglas of Ethringtoun, [...] Skirving of Plewlandhill, Sir Peter Wedderburn of Gosford, Adam Durham of Luffness, [William Nisbet], laird of Dirleton, the laird of Congalton, [John Bowie], laird of Saltcoats, the laird of Collegehead, Sir Hugh Dalrymple of North Berwick, Sir George Suttie of Balgown, [...] Brown of Cleghornie, Sir John Ramsay of Fawside, Sir William Paterson of Granton, John Paterson, younger of Granton, [...] Hamilton of Olivestob, Mr James Hamilton, younger of Olivestob, Doctor [George] Oswald of Preston, [William Morrison], laird of Prestongrange, Sir William Binnie of Wallyford, [...] Young of Winterfield, [...] Lothian of Belses, [...] Blackwood of Lestoun,6 [...] Jackson of Lochhouses, John Doull of Underedge and Robert Kellie, bailie of Dunbar.

For the shire of Berwick: [John Hay], marquis of Tweeddale, [Charles Home], earl of Home, [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington, [John Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, [Patrick Hume], earl of Marchmont, Lord William Hay of Corsbie, [James Maitland], lord Maitland, [Patrick Hume], lord Polwarth, [William Ross], lord Ross, Sir Hugh Dalrymple of North Berwick, Mr William Hay of Drummelzier, Sir Andrew Home, sheriff depute, [Sir David Home], lord Crossrig, Sir Robert Sinclair of Longformacus, Sir John Home of Blackadder, Sir John Swinton of that ilk, Sir Patrick Home of Renton, Sir James Hall of Dunglass, Sir James Dun of Newton, Sir William Scott of Harden, Sir John Pringle of Stitchill, Sir Robert Home of Renton, Sir William Purves of that ilk, Sir Gilbert Elliott of Headshaw, Sir Robert Stewart of Allanbank, Sir Patrick Scott of Ancrum, Sir David Dalrymple, Sir George Nicolson of Kemney, Sir George Home of Kello, the laird of Wedderburn, younger, the laird of Kimmerghame, [Archibald Douglas], laird of Cavers, the laird of Lamberton, George Baillie of Jerviswood, George Lockhart of Carnwath, [Mungo Buchanan], laird of Hilton, [Hector Bannatyne], laird of Kames, Colonel Charles Swinton of Mersington, Mr John Spottiswood of that ilk, the laird of Wedderlie, the laird of Thornydyke, the laird of Tofts, the laird of Houndwood, the laird of Eyemouth, the laird of Linthill, the laird of Mortonhall, George Home of Whitefield, [John] Pringle of Torsonce, [Andrew Edmonston], laird of Edrom, the lairds [Kerr] of Littledean, elder and younger, Alexander Home of Berryhaughs, the laird of Greenknow, the laird of Coldingham Law, the laird of Belchester, [...] Kerr of Blackburn, William Cockburn of Caldra, the laird of Coldingknows, Alexander Trotter of Kettelshiel, [...] Haliburton of Newmains, [...] Erskine of Shielfield, [...] Trotter of Eastend of Fogo, the laird of Bassendean, [...] Crow of Netherbyres, [...] Edgar of Newton, [Patrick] Crow of Heughhead, the lairds of Bemersyde, elder and younger, [...] Home of Bostonrig, [...] Home of Bell,7 [Simon] Marjoribanks of Didrig,8 [Joseph] Douglas of Edrington, [...] Home of Sclathouse,9 [...] Fish of Castlelaw, [...] Renton of Billy, [...] Home of Whitehouse, [George Swinton], laird of Laughtoun,10 [...] Redpath of Angleraw,11 [...] Nicolson of Trabrown, James Pringle of Rigg, [George] Logan of Burncastle, [...] Home of Fairneyside, [...] Home of Blackburn, [...] Spence of Spencesmains, [...] Redpath of Byrecleugh, Captain Cockburn in Duns, Mr John Home, younger of Renton and Mr William Johnston of Hopesrig.

For the shire of Roxburgh: [William Kerr], marquis of Lothian, [James Scott], earl of Dalkeith, [John Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington, [William Cranston], lord Cranston, Sir Walter Riddell of that ilk, Sir William Kerr of Greenhead, Sir Gilbert Elliott of Stobbs, Sir William Bennett of Grubbet, Sir John Scott of Ancrum, Sir John Pringle of Stitchell, Sir James Dun of Newton, Sir Gilbert Elliott of Minto, Sir William Scott of Harden, Sir Patrick Scott of Ancrum, Sir Alexander Dun of Rutherford, Sir James Scott of Gala, Andrew Kerr, younger of Greenhead, William Bennett, younger of Grubbet, [...] Kerr of Littledean, Walter Kerr, younger of Littledean, William Kerr of Chatto, William Kerr, younger of Chatto, Andrew Pringle of Clifton, Robert Pringle, younger of Clifton, Henry Kerr of Frogden, William Kerr of Newton, Archibald Douglas of Cavers, [...] Scott of Horsleyhill, [...] Scott of Raeburn, Robert Scott of Elliston, [...] Dun of Smailholm, [...] Scott of Gorrenberry, Robert Scott of Hassendean, William Douglas of Bonjedburgh, [...] Douglas of Timpendean, William Ainslie of Blackhill, Thomas Rutherford of Wells, Robert Elliott of Midlem mill, George Rutherford of Fairnington, John Haliburton of Muirhouselaw, Gideon Scott of Highchester, Andrew Edmonston of Edrom, John Kerr of Cavers, Patrick Murray of Cherrytrees, William Scott of Thirlestane, Gideon Scott of Falnash, William Elliott of Bewlie, Robert Gladstone of that ilk, William Elliott of Harwood, Robert Langlands of that ilk, Thomas Scott of Whitslade, Gilbert Elliott of Stonedge, William Kerr of Abbotrule, Gideon Elliott of North Synton, William Scott of Clarilaw, Archibald Bennett of Chesters, Francis Scott of Newton, William Elliott, younger of Sunnyside, John Scott of Wells, Walter Scott, younger of Wells, George Baillie of Jerviswood, George Douglas of Friarshaw, William Elliott of Thorlieshope, Robert Rutherford of Capehope, John Simpson of Sharplaw, Mr John Murray of Bowhill, Francis Gladstone of Whitelaw, Captain Stewart of Hartrigge, William Dun of Woodside, William Turnbull of Tofts and [Bennett of] Chesters, elder.

For the shire of Selkirk: Sir James Murray of Philiphaugh, one of the senators of the college of justice, Mr William Hay of Drummelzier, Sir Francis Scott of Thirlestane, Sir Gilbert Elliott of Headshaw, Sir William Scott of Harden, Sir James Scott of Gala, Mr John Murray of Bowhill, Mr John Pringle of Haining, Thomas Scott of Whitslade, Gideon Scott of Highchester, James Pringle of Torwoodlee, James Murray of Deucher, Robert Rutherford of Bowland, James Murray of Sundhope, William Plumber of Middlestead, John Balfour of Broadmeadows, John Scott of Gilmanscleugh, Robert Rutherford of Fairnilee, Mr William Scott, younger of Thirlestane, Francis Scott of Bailielee, Mr John Rutherford of Ruik,12 Michael Anderson of Tushielaw, John Hay of Haystone, Alexander Horsburgh of that ilk, William Chisholm of Braidlie, William Ogilvie of Hartwoodmyres, James Cunningham of Hyndhope, William Elliott of Borthwickbrae, William Curror of Howdean, George Curror of Hartwoodburn, Robert Scott of Kershope, Walter Scott of Todrig, William Lowes of Plora, Robert Scott of Elliston, Walter Scott, younger of Woll, bailie to the duchess of Buccleuch or her grace's bailie for the time, [...] Baillie of Ashiestiel, Mr William Chisholm of Stirches for the lands of Philip, Andrew Waugh of Shaw and the eldest bailie of the town of Selkirk for the time.

For the shire of Peebles: [William Douglas], earl of March, Mr William Hay of Drummelzier, Sir Alexander Murray of Blackbarony, Sir David Murray of Stanhope, Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, James Naismith of Posso, John Hay of Haystone, John Dickson of Hartree, John Dickson of Whitslade, George Hunter of Polmood, Patrick Porteous of Hawkshaw, Richard Murray of Spittlehaugh, John Murray of Cringletie, Robert Graham, elder of Slipperfield, Doctor Pennycook of Romanno, Alexander Horsburgh of that ilk, David Plenderleith, elder of Blyth, James Williamson of Cardrona, the provost of Peebles for the time, William Morrison of Prestongrange, Alexander Baillie of Callends, Alexander Monteith of Chapelhill, Alexander Veitch of Glen, William Burnett of Barns, William Douglas, younger of Garrelfoot, Mr James Naismith of Dawyck, James Geddes of Kirkurd, James Brown of Scotston, Walter Murray of Halmyre, Mr William Russell of Kingseat, Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, Robert Tweedie of Kingledoors, William Porteous of Glenkirk, William Dickson of Kilbucho, Robert Graham, younger of Slipperfield, William Little of Stewarton, Adam Little of Winkstone, David Scott of Hundleshope, James Chisholm, younger of Harehope, James Williamson of Bridgelands and James Cranston of Glen.

For the shire of Lanark: [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton, [John Fleming], earl of Wigtown, [Charles Hamilton Douglas], earl of Selkirk, [George Gordon], earl of Aberdeen, [Archibald Douglas], earl of Forfar, [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, [John Hamilton], earl of Ruglen, [John Carmichael], earl of Hyndford, [Charles Hope], earl of Hopetoun, [Walter Stewart], lord Blantyre, [James Carmichael], lord Carmichael, [William Baillie], laird of Lamington, the laird of Mauldslie, [John Lockhart], laird of Lee, [George Lockhart], laird of Carnwath, Sir William Lockhart of Carstairs, the laird of Walston, [Sir William Denholm], laird of Westshiel, [Alexander Menzies], laird of Culterallers, [Sir John Hamilton], lord Halcraig, the laird of Cultermains, the laird of Wiston and Cleghorn, [George Baillie], laird of Jerviswood, Sir William Menzies of Gladstains, Alexander Bartram of Nisbet, [...] Brown of Dolphinton, John Somerville of Spittall, [...] Muirhead of Persilands, Walter Lockhart of Kirkton, the laird of Stonebyres, the laird of Auchtyfardle, Samuel Douglas of Hisleside, Mr Andrew Kennedy of Cloburn, Sir George Weir of Blackwood, the laird of Craignethen, the laird of Udston, sheriff depute, the laird of Wicketshaw, [...] Lockhart of Birkhill, Claud MacMorran of Glespen, [...] Inglis of Eastshield, [...] Carmichael of Eastend, [...] Brown of Lindsaylands, [John] Dickson of Hartree, the laird of Corhouse, Mr David Carmichael of Corfoord,13 [Archibald Douglas], duke of Douglas's bailie during his minority, one of the magistrates of Lanark, the provost of Glasgow for the time, [Sir William Hamilton], lord Whitelaw, [Alexander Stewart], laird of Torrence, Sir William Fleming of Farme, [James Hamilton], laird of Aikenhead, [Sir William Stewart], laird of Castlemilk, the laird of Coltness, [William Hamilton], laird of Wishaw, [John Sinclair], laird of Stevenson, [...] younger of Cambusnethen, the laird of Rosehall, Sir John Shaw of Greenock, the laird of Murdieston, [Hamilton], laird of Dalziel, the laird of Carphin, the laird of Cleland, [James Muirhead], laird of Bredisholm, the laird of Garnkirk, John Crawford of Milton, the laird of Airdrie, the laird of Rughsoles,14 John Stark of Auchinvole, the laird of Towcross, [Robert Taylor], laird of Borrowfield, [Lawrence Crawford], laird of Jordanhill, the laird of Bedlay, the laird of Farme, younger, the laird of Dalserf, [John Dunbar], laird of Boigs, James Anderson of Stobcross, the laird of Monkland, the laird of Earnock, Mr Hugh Corbett of Hargray,15 William Clelland of Hershaw,16 William Baillie of Glentewen,17 John Wardrop of Dalmarnock, John Wardrop of West Horn, James Hamilton of Green, James Hamilton of Blantyrefarm, Robert Cunningham of Gilbertfield, Gavin Hamilton of Hill, [Hamilton], laird of Westburn, William Hamilton of Orbiston, James Hamilton, younger thereof, Mr John Birnie of Broomhill, Mr Thomas Aikman of Ross and Brimletoun,18 the sheriff deputes for the time, one of the bailies of Hamilton, John Hamilton, younger of Halcraig, [...] Rosehall, younger, William Hamilton of Overton, James Russell of Gartness, William Cullen of Saughs, William Weir of Sunnyside, John Baillie of Woodside, James Muir of Crossbasket, George Hamilton of Browncastle, the laird of Cairnhill, younger, James Young of Netherfield, James Cochrane of Priestgill, Andrew Hamilton of Parkhead, James Hamilton of Newton, Archibald Hamilton of Carnock, brother to Westburn, [John Graham], laird of Dugalston, Doctor Wright of Faskine, William Smith of Brousterland, William Somerville of Kennox, James Lindsay of Mauchlinhaugh, John Learmonth of Newholm, William Hamilton of Greenhead, brother to Dalziel, William Bartram of Nisbet, younger, [Hamilton], laird of Aikenhead, younger, the laird of Walwood,19 [...] younger of Udstonhead, Walter Hamilton of Shawtonhill, James Somerville of Glenhove, the laird of Allanton, John Gibson of Weston, the laird of Shielhill, John Weir of Newton, Colin Campbell of Woodside and [...] Hutchison of Threwburn.20

For the shire of Nithsdale and Dumfries: James [Douglas], duke of Queensberry, William [Johnston], marquis of Annandale, James [Scott], earl of Dalkeith, David [Murray], viscount of Stormont, Sir Robert Grierson of Lag, William Grierson, younger of Lag, Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, Thomas Kirkpatrick, younger thereof, Sir James Douglas of Kelhead, William Douglas, younger thereof, Sir John Jardine of Applegirth, Sir Patrick Maxwell of Springkell, Sir Walter Laurie of Maxwelton, Sir John Johnston of Westerhall, William Douglas of Dornock, James Douglas, younger thereof, John Sharp of Hoddam, Mr Alexander Ferguson of Isle, Alexander Ferguson of Craigdarroch, William Johnston of Corhead, James Grierson of Capenoch, William Johnston of Granton, Andrew Johnston of Newton, George Maxwell of Carnsalloch, George Maxwell of Dalswinton, Robert Murray of Drumcrief, Robert Johnston of Wamphray, James Wallace of Carzield, George Carruthers of Holmains, William Copeland of Collieston, [...] Johnston of Selkerth,21 William Carruthers of Brackenside, [...] Carruthers of Dormont, Mr William Graham of Mossknowe, James Carruthers, chamberlain to the duke of Queensberry, James Wilson of Croglin, George Wilson of Spango, James Kirk of Bogrie, William Irvine of Bonshaw, James Carruthers of Warmanbie, John Maxwell of Middlebie, John Bell of Crowdieknowe, Colonel Thomas Dalziel of Beatfoord, Walter Riddell of Friarshaw, John Dalrymple of Waterside, William Elliott of Arkleton, William Irvine of Auchenbedrig,22 Robert Maxwell of Portract, Mr John Cunningham of Barshaw, William Ferguson of Caitloch, George Murray of Murraythwaite, William Johnston of Bearholm, William Alves, sheriff depute of Dumfries, George Johnston of Girthhead, stewart depute of Annandale, Archibald Douglas of Fingland, chamberlain to the duke of Queensberry, William White, chamberlain to the marquis of Annandale, John Melville, chamberlain to the earl of Dalkeith, Gilbert Coopar, chamberlain to the viscount of Stormont, the provost of Dumfries for the time, James Ferguson of four merk land, James Graham of Shaw, Mr William Johnston, brother to Sir John Johnston and John Johnston of Persbiehall.

For the shire of Wigtown: [James Stewart], earl of Galloway, [John Dalrymple], earl of Stair, [John Dalrymple], lord Dalrymple, Mr William Stewart of Castle Stewart, Mr John Stewart of Sorbie, Sir James Agnew of Lochnaw, Sir Charles Hay of Park, Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, Sir James Dunbar of Mochrum, Alexander MacDowall of Garthland, Robert MacDowall of Logan, elder, John MacDowall of Logan, younger, Patrick MacDowall of Freuch, Mr Alexander Adair of Drumore, John Blair of Dunskey, elder, John Blair of Dunskey, younger, Andrew Agnew of Sheuchan, Robert Cathcart of Gannoch,23 James Dalrymple of Dunragit, William Maxwell of Monreith, younger, James MacDowall of Gillespie, William Stewart of Castle Stewart, younger, James Gordon of Craiglaw, younger, David Gordon of Barnearnie, Thomas Stewart of Fintloch, William Gordon of Grange, George MacCulloch of Torrs, William Coltrane of Drummorall, Andrew Agnew of Lochryan, Alexander Agnew of Myrton, Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch, Alexander Murray of Broughton, William Agnew of Wig, George Stewart of Tundergarth, William Houston of Cultreoch,24 younger, John Stewart of Physgill, elder, David Stewart of Physgill, younger, George Merton of Cutcloy, John Adair of Genoch, Alexander MacKie of Palgowan, Andrew Agnew of Whitehills, James Dalrymple of Dunragit, younger, John Neilson of Craigcaffie, John Murdoch, provost of Whithorn, Mr Andrew Ross of Barsalloch, John Grierson in Baldoon and John MacKie of Barraer.

For the shire of Ayr: [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, [Hugh Campbell], earl of Loudoun, [William Boyd], earl of Kilmarnock, [David Boyle], earl of Glasgow, [John Lindsay/Crawford], viscount of Garnock, Sir Robert Montgomery of Skelmorlie, John Brisbane of Bishopton, James Montgomery of Thirdpart, Archibald Ballantyne of Kellie, Patrick Hunter of Hunterston, [...] Boyd of Portencross, James Cunningham of Carlung, Major Hugh Buntine of Kilbride, William Brisbane of Montfode, John Fairlie of Caldwell, Mr Adam Cunningham of Monkcastle, John Park of Dubbs, William Cunningham of Auchinyards, Thomas MacGowan of Smithstone, Francis Baillie, the laird of Blair, Thomas Boyd of Pitcon, Richard Cunningham of Baidland, [...] Blair of Giffordland, John Kerr of Kersland, John Hamilton of Ladyland, Mr Francis Montgomery of Giffen, Mr John Montgomery, his son, Gavin Ralston of that ilk, [...] Hamill of Roughwood, James Cochrane of Mainshill, [...] Hamilton of Brumber, Sir John Shaw of Greenock, [...] Peebles of Crawfield, Major James Cunningham of Aiket, Alexander Cochrane of Bonshaw, James Montgomery of Lainshaw, Sir David Cunningham of Millcraig, [...] Arnott of Lochrig, Alexander Porterfield of that ilk, Sir William Cunningham of Cunninghamhead, [...] Pearston elder, [...] Pearston, younger, Mr Alexander Cunningham of Collellan, Adam Fullerton of Bartonholme, Mr Zacharias Gemmell of Bogside, Mr Alexander Crawford of Fergushill, Hugh Montgomery of Broomlands, Charles Dalrymple of Langlands, Hugh Montgomery of Busbie, John Crawford of Craufurdland, Alexander Montgomery of Asloace,25 John Cunningham of Caddell, [...] Thomson of Sevenacres, Mr John Campbell of Shankston, Mr William Dalrymple of Glenmure, Mr William Logan of that ilk, Charles Campbell of Glasnock, Hugh Douglas of Gairallan,26 John Campbell of Horsecleugh, James Riddoch of Midtown, Hugh Montgomery of Borland, David Boswell of Auchinleck, elder, Mr James Boswell of Auchinleck, younger, John Cochrane of Waterside, David Boswell of Crechston,27 John Begg of Dornal, Sir John Cochrane of Ochiltree, elder, Mr William Cochrane of Ochiltree, younger, John Chalmers of Bonytoun, Alexander Cunningham of Polquhairn, John Miller of Glenlee, Allan [Cathcart], master of Cathcart, Mr Charles Cathcart, son to the master of Cathcart, John [Dalrymple], earl of Stair, John [Dalrymple], lord Dalrymple, Sir David Cunningham of Millcraig,28 William Fullerton of Craighall, John Blair of Adamton, elder, John Blair of Adamton, younger, William Baillie of Muirton, [...] Fullarton of that ilk, [...] Alexander of Blackhouse, [...] Wallace of Shewalton, [...] Fairlie of that ilk, [...] MacKerral of Hillhouse, Hugh Montgomery of Colsfield,29 John Cunningham of Enterkine, Sir Thomas Wallace [of Craigie], [...] Wallace of Carnell, George Ross of Gasstown, Sir Alexander [Home] Campbell of Cessnock, Robert Nisbet of Greenholm, Sir James Dalrymple of Killoch, John Reid of Ballochmyle, Mungo Campbell of Netherplace, Adam Aird of Catrine, James Farquhar of Gilmilnscroft, [...] Campbell of Auchmannoch, [...] Mitchell of Dalgain, John Mitchell of Daldilling, William Cunningham of Brownhill, elder, William Cunningham of Brownhill, younger, George Campbell of Netherwood, Samuel Muir of Park, present provost of Ayr, [...] Crawford of Kerse, John Chalmers of Gadgirth, William Kelso of Dalkeith, [...] Wallace of Camciscan,30 James Campbell of Treesbank, Andrew Brown of Kilmarleoch,31 James [Graham], marquis of Montrose, [...] Campbell of Little Cessnock, James Cathcart of Carbestoun, Robert Cathcart of Drumjoan, [John Hamilton], earl of Ruglen, [William Hamilton], lord Bargany, Hugh Kennedy of Bennan, Fergus MacCubine of Knockdolian, Robert Eccles of Kildonan, James Crawford of Ardmillan, Robert Boyd of Trochrague, Alexander Boyd of Penkill, Sir Hugh Cathcart of Carleton, Sir Thomas Kennedy of Kirkhill, Alexander Kennedy of Drumellan, Sir John Ferguson of Kilkerran, David Kennedy of Kirkmichael, Bryce Whiteford of that ilk, Sir Adam Whiteford of Blairquhan, George MacKenzie of Dalvennan, Mr George Hutchison of Monkwood, Hugh Muir of Auchindrain, [...] Montgomery of Bridgend, James Crawford of Newark, Alan Chalmers of Sauchrie, Sir Archibald Kennedy of Colzean, John MacIlvain of Grimmet, Alexander Kennedy of Kilhenzie, William Kennedy of Daljarroch, John Kennedy of Culzean, younger, [...] Shaw of Over Grimmet, Alexander Crawford of Kerse, John Crawford of Crawfordland, Mr William Crawford of Dalleagles, James Crawford of Newark, John Crawford of Kerse, Andrew Crawford of Crawfordstoun, Hugh Crawford of Drumdow, Charles Barclay of Busbie, Mr Alexander Crawford of Fergushill, Patrick Crawford of Killoup, John Crawford of Auldmuir, and [...] Brown of Knockmarloch.

For the shire of Dunbarton: [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, [John Fleming], earl of Wigtown, [John Lindsay/Crawford], viscount of Garnock, [Walter Stewart], lord Blantyre, MacFarlane of Arrochar, MacFarlane of Gartocharn, Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss, [James Grant], laird of Pluscarden, Mr John Campbell of Mamore, Sir John Campbell of Carrick and the laird of Carrick, younger, Archibald Campbell of Rochane, Daniel Campbell of Ardentinny, [MacAulay], laird of Ardencaple, the lairds of Colgrain, elder and younger, Thomas Whitehill of Keppoch, the laird of Drumhead, the laird of Geilston, the laird of Kilmahew, the laird of Darleith, the lairds of Ardoch, elder and younger, the laird of Tilliechewan, Sir James Smollett of Bonhill, the laird of Bonhill, younger, [William Cochrane], laird of Kilmaronock, [John Haldane], laird of Gleneagles, Robert Graham of Gallangad, [Archibald Buchanan], laird of Drumikill, John Colquhoun of Camstradden, John Buchanan of Spittall, younger, [Claud Hamilton], laird of Barns, the laird of Hutcheson, Commissary Spreull of Milton, the laird of Garscadden, Walter Buchanan of Auchentoshen, the laird of Mains, William Boyd of Woodmill, [William Campbell], laird of Succoth, Walter Graham of Kilmardinny, John Hamilton of Balloch, Sir John Houston of that ilk, Mr Henry Marshall of Nethercroy, William Stark of Dullatur, Thomas Calder of Shirury32 and Alexander Wardlaw, factor to the earl of Wigtown.

For the shire of Bute: [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, [David Boyle], earl of Glasgow, [James Stewart], earl of Bute, Mr Robert Stewart of Tillicoultry, one of the senators of the college of justice, Hector Bannatyne of Kames, Mr Dougald Stewart of Blairhall, Mr William Stewart of Ambrismore, John Stewart of Kilwhinleck, Mr John Stewart of Ascog, Walter Stewart of Mecknoch, Donald Campbell of Auchiwilling,33 John MacNiel of Kilmorie, Robert MacUrdie of Kerrymenoch, James Boyle of Bellikewn,34 John Glass of Mid Ascog, Donald MacOnachie of Ambrisbeg, Robert Bannatyne of Lubas, Archibald MacCaw of Garrochty, James Stewart of Kildonan, Robert Stewart of Lochlee, Archibald Stewart, sheriff depute of Bute, the magistrates of Rothesay for the time, [James Stewart], earl of Bute,35 sheriff principal, and in his absence his sheriff depute convener, the duchess of Hamilton's bailie of Arran for the time, [...] Hamilton of Coats and [...] MacLoy.

For the shire of Renfrew: [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, [William Cunningham], earl of Glencairn, [Alexander Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, [John Lindsay/Crawford], viscount of Garnock, [Francis Sempill], lord Sempill, [William Ross], lord Ross, [Walter Stewart], lord Blantyre, [George Ross], master of Ross, Archibald Ballantyne of Kellie, Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Mr John Stewart, younger thereof, Sir William Stewart of Castlemilk, Sir John Shaw of Greenock, Thomas Crawford of Crawfordsburn, Mr William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, Alexander Porterfield of that ilk, [...] Cunningham of Cairncurran, John Brisbane of Bishopton, younger, John Maxwell of Dargavel, George Maxwell of Southbar, James MacGilchrist of North Barr, John Graham of Dugalston, Sir John Houston of that ilk, Patrick Fleming of Barrochan, Alexander Porterfield of Fulwood, William Cunningham of Craigends, George Houston of Johnstone, Robert Semple of Beltrees, younger, Alexander Napier of Blackstoun, Alexander Hamilton of Barr, younger, Gavin Ralston of that ilk, William Blair of that ilk, James Cochrane of Mainshill, Ludovic Houston, younger of Johnstone, William Cochrane of Ferguslie, Alexander Cochrane of Craigmuir, one of the bailies of Paisley, James Dunlop of Househill, Hugh Crawford of Woodside, Robert Alexander of Newton, Laurence Crawford of Jordanhill, William Walkinshaw of Scotston, Robert Hall of Fulbar, Colin Campbell, younger of Blythswood, John Walkinshaw, younger of Walkinshaw, Sir John Maxwell of Nether Pollok, Robert Sanders of Auldhouse, [...] Hamilton of Aikenhead, younger, John Leckie of Newlands, [...] Maxwell of Williamwood, Mr John Montgomery of Wrae, Sir Robert Pollok of that ilk, Doctor George Oswald of Fingalton, Thomas Pollock of Balgray, John Fairlie of Caldwell, William Cochrane, younger of Ochiltree, William Muir of Glanderston, Sir Robert Montgomery of Skelmorlie, John Wallace of Neilstonside, [William Hamilton], laird of Orbiston, elder and Robert Semple of Balgreen, sheriff depute of Renfrew.

For the shire of Stirling: [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton, [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, [John Erskine], earl of Mar, [John Fleming], earl of Wigtown, [John Ker], earl of Roxburghe, [Charles Hope], earl of Hopetoun, [Alexander Elphinstone], lord Elphinstone, [William Forrester], lord Forrester, [Charles Elphinstone], master of Elphinstone, Mr William Livingstone of Kilsyth, the lairds [Stirling] of Keir, [Archibald Seaton] of Touch, [Murray of] Polmaise, elder and younger, [Stirling of] Garden, elder and younger, Greenyards, Nairne, [Elphinstone of] Airth, [James Bruce of] Powfoulis, Orchardhead, Westerton, Abbotshaugh, Quarrel, Kinnaird, [Sir William Bruce of] Stenhouse, [Hope of] Kerse, Carsiebank, John Bowie of Saltcoats, [George Munro of] Bearcrofts, John Kincaid of Saltcoats, Millhall, Longcroft, Manwelfoules, Parkhill,36 Dalquharran, Balmullier, Bantaskine, the earl of Linlithgow's chamberlain, James Burn of Clarkstone, Patrick Bellenden of Parkend, Dunipace, Garvald, Sauchie, Seabegs, Banton, Glorat, Craigbarnet, Kirkton, Balquharrage, Bardowie, elder and younger, [John Graham of] Dugalston, Drumnakill, [Graham of] Killearn, elder and younger, Duntreath, Arnprior, Craigavern, Badendalloch, Balglass, Balgair, Crominnan,37 Antermony, Woodhead, Dalnair, elder and younger, Balquhapple, elder and younger, Spittall, elder and younger, Duchray, elder and younger, Auchinmar, [Stirling of] Herbertshire, elder and younger, [John Haldane of] Gleneagles, [Sir Charles Erskine of] Alva, [James Graham of] Buchlyvie, Dasher, Broich, elder and younger, Boquhan, elder and younger, Leckie, Craigforth, elder and younger, Meiklewood, elder and younger, Inverallan, Livilands, easter and wester, [Robert Rollo of] Powhouse, Sir Thomas Nicolson, John Haldane of Myrton, Thomas White of Kavercad, the laird of Newck, Mr Francis Napier of Craigannet, John Forrest of Pardovan, Sir James Dunbar, Woodside, [Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of] Luss, [Erskine of] Balgonie, Carsie, Rashiehill, one of the magistrates of Stirling, Lieutenant Colonel John Erskine, Greenyards and [Patrick Murray of] Livingstone.38

For the shire of Linlithgow: [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton, [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, [William Johnston], marquis of Annandale, [David Erskine], earl of Buchan, [John Hamilton], earl of Ruglen, [John Dalrymple], earl of Stair, [Archibald Primrose], earl of Rosebery, [Charles Hope], earl of Hopetoun, [James Murray], lord Fincastle, [James Sandilands], lord Torphichen, Lieutenant General [George] Ramsay of Carriden, Sir William Hamilton of Whitelaw, Sir Thomas Dalziel of Binns, [Dundas], laird of Dundas, [Dundas], laird of Duddingston, the laird of Manor, [Thomas Sharp], laird of Houston, the laird of Dechmont, [John Montgomery], laird of Wrae, Sir Thomas Nicolson of Balcaskie, Sir Robert Sibbald of Kipp, the laird of East Binning, the laird of West Binning, the laird of Auldcathie, the laird of Grange, [Patrick Grant], laird of Bonhard, the laird of Barbachlaw, the laird of Bedlormie, the laird of Polkemmet, the laird of Pottishaw, Sir John Houston of that ilk, [James Hamilton], laird of Bangour, [John Hamilton], laird of Pumpherston, the laird of Kilpunt, the laird of Longcroft, [James Crawford], laird of Lochcoat, the laird of Batherstoun,39 [Hay], laird of Carribber, the laird of Carlowrie, [David Dundas], laird of Philipston, the laird of Parkley, [Thomas Nairn], laird of Craigton, the laird of Kettlestoun, [Ramsay], laird of Blackcraig, the laird of West Port, the laird of Straiton, the laird of Couston, [Patrick Dundas], laird of Breast Mill, the laird of Leuchell,40 [Francis Durham], laird of Duntarvie, the laird of Wallhouse, the laird of Balbardie, John Binning of Byres, James Auchinleck of Woodcockdale, [John Forrest], laird of Pardovan, the laird of Newhalls and Samuel Wilson of Plewland.41

For the shire of Perth: [John Murray], duke of Atholl, lord privy seal, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, [John Murray], marquis of Tullibardine, [David Erskine], earl of Buchan, [Charles Stewart], earl of Moray, [John Lyon], earl of Strathmore, [David Leslie/Melville], earl of Leven, [David Ogilvy], earl of Airlie, [David Carnegie], earl of Northesk, [John Campbell], earl of Breadalbane, [Charles Murray], earl of Dunmore, [Charles Hope], earl of Hopetoun, [Archibald Primrose], earl of Rosebery, [David Murray], viscount of Stormont, [Thomas Hay], viscount of Dupplin, [David Wemyss], lord Elcho, Lord James Murray, [Robert Rollo], lord Rollo, [Robert Colville], lord Colville [of Ochiltree], [William Murray/Nairn], lord Nairn, [Patrick Kinnaird], lord Kinnaird, Mr Joseph Austin of Kilspindie, Henry Balneaves of Rotmel, James Baird of Blair, Alexander Blair of Inshiray,42 John Blair of Kinfauns, James Blair of Arblair, John Blair of Balthayock, John Blair of Glasclune, Mungo Buchanan of Hilton, David Campbell of Keithick, James Campbell of Balgersho, [...] Campbell of Ardeonaig, Alexander Campbell of Finnab, Mr John Campbell of Mamore, [...] Campbell of Glenfalloch, Patrick Campbell of Monzie, Colin Campbell of Lochlan, Mungo Campbell of Burnbank, [James] Campbell of Aberuchill, [James] Campbell of Lawers, Henry Cheap of Rossie, James Cooper of Lochblair, Henry Crawford of Monorgan, Laurence Craigie of Kilgraston, Mr James Craigie of Dumbarnie, Adam Drummond of Megginch, Thomas Drummond of Logie, George Drummond of Blair, John Drummond of Colquhalzie, George Drummond of Callander, David Drummond of Invermay, William Drummond of Machany, John Drummond of Pitkellony, younger, George Drummond of Bellycone, John Drummond of Keltie, Alexander Drummond of Balhaddie, Alexander Duncan of Lundie, Patrick Edmiston of Newtoun, William Edmiston of Cambus-Wallace, John Edmiston of Coldrochie, Lieutenant Colonel John Erskine of Carnock, John Erskine of Balgonie, David Fotheringham of Bandon, Thomas Fleming of Mons, John Fullerton of that ilk, [James] Forrester of Millhill, William Foot of Wester Glensherup,43 Robert Fyfe of Dron, Mr Archibald Givan of Boquhapple, Patrick Grant of Bonhard, John Gray of Creichie, David Graham of Potento, Mungo Graham of Gorthie, James Graham of Orchil, Thomas Graham of Balgowan, James Graham of Garvock, George Graham of Pitcairns, George Graham of Inchbraikie, Thomas Graham of Duchray, John Graham of Reidford, John Graham of Gartur, Mr John Graham of Boquhapple, Mr James Graham of Newton, Walter Graham of Drunkie, David Graham of Rachalloch,44 John Haldane of Gleneagles, John Haldane of Lanrick, [...] Hay of Leys, Sir John Hay of Murie, John Hay of Pitfour, [Robert] Hay of Strowie, [...] Herron of Cally, Sir James Kinloch of Kinloch, John Keir of Kilmonth, [...] Kinloch of Gourdie, Sir Alexander Lindsay of Evelick, Mr Francis Montgomery of Giffen, Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, John Murray of Strowan, Mr James Murray of Glencarse, Sir John Murray of Glendoick, Sir Andrew Murray of Inchmurray, Andrew Murray of Murrayshall, William Murray of Abercairney, Patrick Murray of Dollerie, Anthony Murray of Dollerie, Mr William Murray of Ardbennie, David Murray of Ardbennie, Hugh MacGill of West Grange, Thomas Milne of Milnefield, Alexander Meekison of Hill, Sir Alexander Menzies of that ilk, Archibald Menzies of Glenlyon, Captain James Menzies of Comrie, Alexander Menzies of Garth, Alexander Menzies of Shian, Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that ilk, Thomas Moncreiffe, fiar of that ilk, David Moncrieff of Easter Rhynd, [...] Moncrieff of Culfargie, [...] Moncrieff of Tippermalloch, [...] Maxton of Cultoquhey, John Nairn of Seggieden, Thomas Nairn of Kirkhill, George Oliphant of Clashbennie, James Oliphant of Williamston, [...] Oliphant of Bachilton, [...] Oliphant of Carpow, David Oliphant of Cultoquhey, [...] Oliphant of Pitcaithly, James Pearson of Kippenross, [...] Paterson of Crachie, Sir George Preston of Valleyfield, Sir James Ramsay of Bamff, James Ramsay of Newton, Mr David Ramsay of Lethendy, Mr John Ramsay of Tullyneddie, Mr Leonard Robertson of Straloch, Alexander Robertson of Straloch, Alexander Robertson of Craig, Alexander Robertson of Strowan, John Robertson of Lude, Alexander Robertson of Faskally, Robert Robertson of Essentie, Thomas Rattray of Craighall, John Rattray of Rannagulzion, [...] Ross of Invernethie, James Smith of Cambo, James Stirling of Keir, Archibald Stirling of Garden, [...] Stirling of Kippendavie, John Stewart of Grandtully, John Stewart of Invernethie, John Stewart of Stenton, [...] Stewart of Clunie, Charles Stewart of Ballochan, Alexander Stewart of Craigton, John Stewart of Balnakilly, James Stewart of Urrard, Dougald Stewart of Blairhall, David Stewart of Kincarrochie, James Strachan of Laurieston, James Spittall of Leuchat, Andrew Spalding of Ashintully, David Smith of Methven, David Smith, tutor of Methven, John Stirling of Keir, Sir David Thriepland of Fingask, George Wilson of Sands, the laird of MacNab, the sheriff depute of Perthshire, the provost of Perth for the time and one of the bailies of Culross for the time.

For the shire of Kincardine: [William Keith], earl Marischal, [Robert Arbuthnott], viscount of Arbuthnott, Sir James Falconer of Phesdo, Sir David Ramsay of Balmain, the laird of Newton, Sir Alexander Falconer of Glenfarquhar, Mr Robert Reid of Drumhendry, William Stirling of Strath, James Forbes of Thornton, elder, Thomas Forbes of Thornton, younger, Sir David Carnegie of Pittarrow, John Carnegie, younger of Pittarrow, Peter Forbes of Balfour, the laird of Balbegno, the laird of Allardyce, the laird of Benholm, the laird of Comeston, the laird of Barras, elder, the laird of Barras, younger, the laird of Brigford, [Alexander Arbuthnott], laird of Knox, the laird of Elsick, elder, the laird of Elsick, younger, the laird of Fordoun, [Robert Douglas], laird of Glenbervie, [Sir Thomas Burnett], laird of Leys, elder, [Alexander Burnett], laird of Leys, younger, William Burnett of Criggie, Mr Alexander Thomson of Portlethen, the laird of Dores, the laird of Banchory, the laird of Inchmarlow, the laird of Drum, Mr Alexander Arbuthnott, provost of Bervie, the laird of Johnston, the laird of Balmakewan, the laird of Brotherton, the laird of Hatton, the laird of Raemoir, the laird of Drumligair, the laird of Glassell and Mr John Falconer, younger of Phesdo.

For the shire of Aberdeen: [John Hay], earl of Erroll, [William Keith], earl Marischal, [John Erskine], earl of Mar, [James Maule], earl of Panmure, and in his absence Thomas Innes, his factor, [John Keith], earl of Kintore, [George Gordon], earl of Aberdeen, [Charles Hay], lord Hay, [William Keith], lord Inverurie, [William Gordon], lord Haddo, [William Forbes], lord Forbes, [William Fraser], lord Saltoun, [Alexander Forbes], lord Pitsligo, [Charles Fraser], lord Fraser, [William Forbes], master of Forbes, Mr George Gordon, tutor of Aboyne, the laird of Drum, Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys, Sir Robert Forbes of Auchinhyve, Sir Patrick Fraser of Durris, the laird of Abergeldie, the laird of Invercauld, the laird of Echt, the laird of Ballogie, younger, Peter Forbes of Midstrath, the laird of Auchlossen, younger, the laird of Blelack, John Gordon of Hallhead, Finyean [of] Farquharson, [the laird of] Tillysnaught, Thomas Mitchell of Easterbelly, the laird of Invery, the laird of Braiklay, George Forbes of Shiels, Sir William Forbes of Monymusk, [John Urquhart], laird of Meldrum, Sir James Elphinstone of Logie, [Forbes], laird of Leslie, Mr Alexander Davidson of Newton, [Erskine], laird of Pittodrie, younger, the laird of Barra, Walter Hay of Licklyhead, Alexander Leslie of Wartle, John Elphinstone, younger of Logie, the laird of Glack, Alexander Hay of Daviot, William Hay of Balbithan, [Leith], laird of Leithhall, James Gordon of Barns, the laird of Overhall, John Gordon of Rothney, younger, James Davidson of Tillimorgan, [the laird of] Westhall, younger, Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun for [the laird of] Ryhill, Alexander Ross of Lethenty, John Smith of Inveramsay, Robert Simpson of Thornton, Arthur Forbes of Breda, Sir William Forbes of Craigievar, Archibald Forbes of Putachie, [Forbes], laird of Balflug, the laird of Glenkindy, the laird of Cushnie, younger, [Forbes], laird of Brux, elder, the laird of Whitehaugh, the laird of Skellater, John Forbes of Inverernan, the laird of Ward, Mr John Innes of Sinnahard, the laird of Kinstair, Peter Reid of Haughton, Mr George Leslie of Kincraigie, George Wilson of Finyeach,45 the laird of Terpersie, John Gordon of Glenbucket, [...] Gordon of Newbigging, the laird of Craig, younger, Mr Patrick Ogilvie of Cairness, Sir William Keith of Ludquhairn, the laird of Ludquhairn, [Alexander Gordon], laird of Pitlurg, Colonel John Buchan of Cairnbulg, Mr Robert Paterson of Inverquhomery, George Keith of Clachriach, Alexander Forbes of Ludquhairn, James Keith of Crichie, the laird of Auchmedden, John Gordon of Coynach, [...] Irvine of Crimond, John Cumming, younger of Kinninmonth, William Fraser of Broadland, Alexander Gordon of Kinmundy, James Scott of Auchtidonald, William Thomson of Faichfield, John Gordon of Techmuiry, Mr James Ferguson of Pitfour, the laird of Inverallochy, [...] Irvine of Brucklay, younger, Patrick Gordon of Logie, John Gordon, younger of Nethermuire, Andrew Fraser, sheriff depute, Alexander Cumming of Blairmormunth,46 [...] Gordon of Craigellie, [...] Lindsay of Culsh, [...] Irvine of Artamford, my lord [Sir Alexander Seton of] Pitmedden, [John Udny], laird of Udny, [William Seton of] Pitmedden, younger, the laird of Waterton, Mr Arthur Forbes of Shivas, the laird of Auchmacoy, the laird of Auchterellon, the laird of Toartie,47 younger, the laird of Dudwick, [Sir Samuel Forbes], laird of Foveran, the laird of Birness, Alexander Hay of Ranneston, the laird of Fechil, the laird of Cairnbrogie, the laird of Turner Hall, Thomas Forbes of Artrochie, John Forbes of Knapperna, James Keith of Keithfield, John Gordon of Drumwhindle, John Ross of Arnage, John Udny of Newtyle, [Gordon], laird of Lesmoir, younger, [Robert Bisset], laird of Lessendrum, the laird of Cowbairdie, [John Ramsay], laird of Laithers, the laird of Iden, the laird of Byth, Patrick Duff of Craigston, Sir John Guthrie of King-Edward, the laird of Badenscoth, the laird of Muiresk, John Cumming of Achray, younger, the laird of Cocklarachy, Mr Alexander Irvine of Savoch, the laird of Law, Peter Russell of Moncoffer, Mr John Mowat of Balquholly, the laird of Hatton, the laird of Gight, Nathaniel Gordon, bailie of Turriff, Mr48 Johnston of Craig for [the laird of] Overtulloch, Alexander Duff of Braco, George Calder of Aswanley, Harry Gordon of Avochy, James Gordon of Daoch,49 the laird of Skene, Sir George Skene of Westerfintray, the laird of Menie, the laird of Dyce, Sir John Johnston of Caskieben, [Cumming], laird of Culter, elder, [James Moir], laird of Stoneywood, Mr Robert Irvine of Cults, Sir Alexander Cumming, younger of Culter, Mr James Sandilands of Craibston, George Paton of Grandholm, William Gordon of Goval, Alexander Gray of Balgownie, Alexander Paton of Kinaldie, the laird of Aldbar, John Leslie of Colpy, the eldest bailie of Aberdeen, the eldest bailie of Old Aberdeen, the eldest bailie of Kintore, the eldest bailie of Inverurie, Mr Patrick Sandielands of Cotton, Andrew Burnett of Elrick, James Gordon of Seaton, Donald Farquharson of Balfour, Alexander Farquharson of Monaltrie, [...] Forbes of Blackton, John Forbes of Boyndie and [Alexander Burnett], laird of Leys, younger.

For the shire of Inverness: [John Gordon], earl of Sutherland, [Charles Stewart], earl of Moray, [Roderick MacKenzie of Prestonhall], lord justice clerk, in place of [Simon Fraser], lord Lovat, [Ludovic Grant], laird of Grant, Sir Donald MacDonald of Sleat, the laird of MacIntosh, the laird of MacIntosh, younger, the laird of Cawdor, [Hugh Rose], laird of Kilravock, [John Forbes], laird of Culloden, [Alexander Grant], laird of Grant, younger, the laird of Lochiel, younger, MacPherson, laird of Cluny, [Hugh Rose], laird of Clava, the laird of Kilravock, younger, the laird of Rothiemurchus, the laird of Comer, John MacPherson of Invereshie, George Cuthbert of Castlehill, Mr David Polson of Kinmylies, Patrick Grant of Tullochgorum, Mr William Robertson of Inches, the laird of Glenmorriston, Angus MacIntosh of Kylachie, William Grant of Lurg, Mr John MacKenzie of Cramond, William Baillie of Dunain, John Ross of Holm, William Grant of Dellachapple, Lauchlan MacIntosh of Daviot, James Fraser of Reelick, Robert Grant of Gartinmore, John MacPherson of Dalraddy, William MacIntosh of Borlum, younger, George Grant of Clury, Hugh Fraser of Belladrum, Grant's bailie of Strathspey, John Barbour of Aldourie, John Grant of Corriemony, [Amelia Fotheringham], lady Lovat's bailie, James Fraser of Auchnagairn, [...] Fraser, younger of Culduthell, Mr Thomas Fraser of Drumballoch, Thomas Fraser of Bruiach, Hugh Fraser of Eskadale, Alexander Fraser of Ballindoun, Hugh Fraser of Foyers,50 [...] Fraser of Reelick, younger, Lachlan MacIntosh of Strone, John MacIntosh of Connage, the bailie of Urquhart, Ludovic Grant of Tulloch, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, Mr Alexander MacKenzie of Fraserden, the laird of MacLeod, the laird of Grissonich, Alexander MacIntosh of Farr and [...] MacIntosh of Corrybrough.

For the shire of Nairn: the laird of Cawdor, Mr Archibald Campbell of Clunes, William Campbell of Delnies, [Hugh Rose], laird of Kilravock, the laird of Kilravock, younger, George Brodie of Asliesk, Alexander Brodie of Lethen, Hugh Rose of Clava, Hugh Rose of Braidley, James Rose of Daltulich, [John Forbes], laird of Culloden, [...] Sutherland of Kinsteary, Alexander Dunbar of Boath, John MacIntosh of Connage, Robert Barber, bailie of Inverness and Alexander Falconer of Blackhills.

For the shire of Cromarty: [George MacKenzie], earl of Cromarty, [John MacKenzie], lord MacLeod, Sir Kenneth MacKenzie [of Cromarty], Sir James MacKenzie of Farness, Mr Roderick MacKenzie of Prestonhall, Mr Alexander MacKenzie, younger of Prestonhall, [Hugh Rose], laird of Kilravock, elder, the laird of Kilravock, younger, William Gordon of Dalfolly, Aeneas MacLeod of Cadboll, John Urquhart of Newhall, William Urquhart of Braelangwell, Rorie MacKenzie of Navity, Alexander Clunies of Neilston, John Clunies of Neilston, younger, John Dallas of Bannans and Mr Bernet MacKenzie of Sandilands.

For the shire of Argyll: [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [John Maitland], earl of Lauderdale, [John Campbell], earl of Breadalbane, [John Campbell], lord Glenorchy, Mr John Campbell, uncle to the duke of Argyll, Sir James Campbell of Auchinbreck, Sir Colin Campbell of Ardkinglas, James Campbell, younger of Ardkinglas, [Archibald Lamont], laird of Lamont, Sir Neill Campbell of Ellengreg, the laird of MacAuchlan, the lairds of Lochnell, elder and younger, the laird of MacNaughton, the laird of Appin, the lairds of Lochiell, elder and younger, the lairds of Lochbuy, elder and younger, Sir John Campbell of Carrick, Robert Campbell, younger of Carrick, John Campbell of Orchyard, John Campbell of Dunoon, Donald and John Campbell of Auchinvouline,51 Daniel Campbell of Ardentinny, Donald Campbell, elder of Knockmailyie, Duncan Campbell, younger of Knockmailyie, [...] MacArthur of Milton, Mr John Fullerton of Greenhall, John Fullerton, younger of Greenhall, [Hector Bannatyne], laird of Kames, Duncan MacGibbon of Auchingarran, [John Stewart], laird of Ascog, James Lamont of Knockdow, Dougald Lamont of Stilaig, Robert Melville of Kilmichael, James Campbell of Glendaruel, Alexander Campbell of Otter, Duncan Lamont of Auchinsheiloch,52 Hugh Campbell of Lix, Archibald Campbell, younger of Lix, John Lamont of Kilfinan, Duncan Gillespie of Baileur, William Ewing, younger of Bernis, Duncan MacCorquodale of Phantilands, John Campbell of Kildalvane,53 Patrick MacArthur of Tirrivadich, John Campbell of Kenmore, Duncan Campbell of Asknish, Ronald Campbell of Lagganlochan, George Campbell of Craignish, Angus MacLauchlan of Innischonnel, Colin Campbell of Inverhae, Colin Campbell of Glennan, Alexander Campbell of Kilmartin, Archibald Campbell of Barbreck, the laird of Duntroon, John MacLaughlan of Craigentarvie, Archibald Campbell of Clenaray, Alan MacLaughlan of Dunadd, Dougald Campbell of Nether-Rudall, Alexander Campbell of Kirnan, Colin Campbell of Knockbowie, Mr Dougald Campbell of Kilmorie, Archibald MacAlister of Tarbat, Neill MacNeil of Taynish, Neill MacNeil of Arichonan, Patrick Campbell of Kilduskland, Archibald MacTavish of Dunardary, Dougald Campbell of Danna, Archibald Campbell of Strondour, Alexander MacAlister of Loup, Angus Campbell of Skipness, Colin Campbell of Blythswood, Dougald Campbell of Kilberry, James Campbell of Ormsary, Donald Campbell of Auchinard, Archibald Campbell of Auchindune, Mr Colin Campbell of Auchinba, Archibald Campbell of Clunes, John Campbell, bailie of Jura, Archibald Campbell of Sunderland, Archibald Campbell of Losset, Donald Campbell of Ballinaby, John MacDonald of Largie, Donald Campbell of Carradale, Archibald MacDonald of Sanda, John Campbell of Glensadell, John Campbell of Knockrioch, Torquell MacNeil of Ugadell, Hector MacNeil of Losset, Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, Patrick Campbell, younger of Barcaldine, Archibald Campbell of Inverawe, Archibald Campbell of Drumnacroish, Angus Campbell of Dunstaffnage, Donald Campbell, bailie of Munkerne, Dougald Campbell of Stronhormaig,54 Alexander Campbell of Clanamakrie, John Campbell of Ardhattane,55 Colin Campbell of Inveresragan, Alexander Campbell of Airds, John MacDougald of Dunolly, John Campbell of Kirkton, John Stewart of Ardshiel, Colin Campbell of Balliveolan, Alan Cameron of Glendescrie,56 Donald MacLean of Coll, John MacLeod of Mishnish, Alexander MacLean of Torlisk, James Campbell of Stonefield, Archibald Lamont of Strone, Archibald Clark of Braleckan, Archibald Lamont of Auchagayll, the provost of Inveraray for the time being and the sheriff depute of Argyll, convener.

For the shire of Fife: [John Murray], duke of Atholl, lord privy seal, [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [John Hay], marquis of Tweeddale, [John Lindsay], earl of Crawford, [John Hamilton/Leslie], earl of Rothes, [James Douglas], earl of Morton, [Charles Stewart], earl of Murray, [John Lyon], earl of Strathmore, [Alexander Erskine], earl of Kellie, [Thomas Hamilton], earl of Haddington, [David Leslie/Melville], earl of Leven, [Colin Lindsay], earl of Balcarres, [George Melville], earl of Melville, [Archibald Primrose], earl of Rosebery, [David Murray], viscount of Stormont, [Charles Hay], lord Yester, [David Wemyss], lord Elcho, [Henry Sinclair], lord Sinclair, [Robert Balfour], lord Burleigh, [Robert Colville], lord Colville [of Ochiltree], [John Leslie], lord Lindores, [John Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, [Hugh Elphinstone], master of Balmerino, [David Leslie], master of Lindores, Sir Robert Douglas of Airdit, Mr Mungo Carnegie of Birkhill, John Hay of Naughton, David Balfour of Grange, Mr Michael Balfour of Forret, Mr William Aytoun of that ilk, James Crawford of Montquhany, Alexander Watson of Aithernie, Andrew Baillie of Parbroath, James Watson of Ormiston, James Arnott of Woodmill, Sir Michael Balfour of Denmilne, Sir George Sinclair of Kinnaird, Sir Archibald Hope of Rankeillour, John Balfour of Fernie, Mr Thomas Hope, younger of Rankeillour, David Clephane of Carslogie, John Barclay of Collairney, Sir William Hope of Craighall, David Scott of Scotstarvit, John Beaton, elder of Blebo, James Beaton, younger of Blebo, Henry Balfour of Dunbog, John Beaton of Craigfoodie, Mr Thomas Wemyss of Fingask, Mr James Cheap of Rossie, William Hamilton of Wishaw, James Bruce of Kinloch, John Leslie of Lumquhat, Patrick Bruce of Bunzeon, Walter Scott of Edenshead, William Shaw of Gospetry, James Balcanquhall of that ilk, John Cowan of Corston, Mr James Mores of Cash, George Moncrieff, elder of Reidie, Mr Patrick Moncrieff, younger of Reidie, Robert Hay of Strowie, John Riddell of Grange, Patrick Seaton of Lathrisk, Sir John Preston of Prestonhall, James Preston of Dumbrae, George Clephane, younger of Carslogie, John Wemyss of Unthank, William Robertson of Glaidney, Thomas Beaton of Tarvit, Michael Lundie of Drums, Henry Miller of Purin, Mungo Law of Pitillock, James Carmichael of Bamblae,57 Robert Heriot of Ramornie, David Boswell, younger of Devon, Doctor Carmichael, younger of Bamblae, Gavin Hamilton of Inverdovat, Alexander Nairn of St Ford, Alexander Walker of Saintford, James Trent of Pitcullo, Mr Arthur MacGill of Kemback, Mr John Craigie of Lawhill, Daniel Auchmuty of Drumeldrie, Robert Lundie of that ilk, James Durham of Largo, John Lundie, younger of Baldastard, John Gillespie of Newton, Philip Hamilton, younger of Kilbrachmont, James Malcolm of Grange, John Carstairs of Kilconquhar, William Duddingston of Saintford, Mr Robert Clelland of Hillhouse, William Gourlay of Kincraig, Mr James Cunningham of Barns, Mr James Martin of Clermont, Robert Lentron of Kincaple, [...] Orrock of Cassindonald, Mr Patrick Arthur of Ballone, John Wemyss of Lathockar, Mr Thomas Nairn of Craigton, Sir Robert Anstruther of Balcaskie, George Smith, younger of Gibliston, John Aytoun of Kinaldie, John Aytoun, younger of Kinaldie, Captain Alexander Bruce of Pittarthie, Sir Alexander Erskine of Cambo, Mr James Balfour of Randerston, Alexander Moneypenny of Pitmilly, George Moncrieff of Sauchope, Mr John Lindsay of Wolmeston,58 David Beaton of Balfour, Mr James Bethune, younger of Balfour, George Lumsden of Rennyhill, Robert Lumsden of Innergellie, Sir William Anstruther of that ilk, Sir John Anstruther, younger of Anstruther, Sir Alexander Anstruther of Newark, John Patillo of Bouhouffie,59 John Arnott of Balcomie, Philip Anstruther of Airdrie, James Wemyss of Bogie, John Wemyss, younger of Bogie, Mr Robert White of Benochy, [...] Skene of Wester Bogie, Colonel John Erskine of Carnock, Captain Philip Anstruther of Grange, David Barclay of Touch, Sir Andrew Ramsay of Abbotshall, John Alexander of Skeddoway, Alexander Gibson of Durie, John Durie of Letham, Mr David Bethune of Bandon, Christopher Seaton of Careston, James Law of Brunton, Robert Balfour of Balbirnie, George Balfour, younger of Balbirnie, Robert Douglas of Strathenry, John Lundie of Auchtermairnie, Sir John MacColm of Invertiel, Michael Malcolm of Balbardie, Alexander Colville of Blair, John Skene, younger of Hallyards, Walter Boswell of Balbarton, William Calderwood of Piteadie, Sir David Thoirs of Westerlochgelly, James Betson of Kilrie, Mr John Preston of Drumrack, James Betson of Glassmount, David Boswell of Balmuto, John Wardlaw of Abden, younger, [...] Orrock of that ilk, John Durie of Grange, Alexander Aytoun of Inchdairnie, Mr James Robertson of Newbigging, John Leslie of Quarter, Mr David Dewar of Balgonie, Alexander Boswell of Gleniston, James Wemyss of Pitkinny, Mr James Melville of Halhill, Doctor William Douglas of Kinglassie, Alexander Clark of Pitteuchar, [...] Murray of Pitteuchar, James Oswald of Dunnikier, Sir James Halkett of Pitfirrane, [...] Stenhouse of Fod, John Durie of Craigluscar, David Douglas of Gellet, Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pitreavie, Lieutenant Colonel John Forbes of Pittencrieff, John Dewar of Lassodie, James Lindsay of Keavil, Robert Ged of Baldridge, elder, Robert Ged of Baldridge, younger, James Moutray of Rescobie, Sir James Campbell of Pitliver, Sir Alexander Bruce of Broomhall, William Wemyss of Cuttlehill, Mr Andrew Anderson of Balram, Charles Stewart of Dunearn, James Spittall of Leuchat, James Hepburn of Menstrie, John Mowbray of Cockairney, Sir William Henderson of Fordel, Sir John Erskine, David Bonnar of Binend, Alexander Colville of Hillside, William Halley of Kinneder, David Oliphant of Kinneder, Henry Wardlaw of Luscar, Robert Scott of Cotts, Mr James Henderson of Pittadro, Sir David Arnott, [...] Drummond of Rosyth, Sir William Sharp for Strathtyrum,60 Alexander Colville of Scotscraig, John Mitchell of Ladach, Mr Robert Wemyss of Grangemuir, Doctor Archibald Pitcairn of Pitcairn, Colin MacKenzie of Rossend, Colin Campbell of Smithy Green, Mr John Falconer of Little Kinnear, Mr John Thomson of Pyeston, Robert Scott of Spencerfield, John Lindsay, younger of Kirkforthar and Robert Walwood of Garvock.

For the shire of Forfar: [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [John Murray], duke of Atholl, [John Lyon], earl of Strathmore, [David Ogilvy], earl of Airlie, [James Maule], earl of Panmure, [David Carnegie], earl of Northesk, [David Murray], viscount of Stormont, [Robert Arbuthnott], viscount of Arbuthnott, [John Elphinstone], lord Balmerino, Captain Charles Straton, Sir James Wood of Bonytoun, [...] Couts of Fullerton, George Ogilvie of Lunan, Patrick Scott of Rossie, [...] Scott of Duninald, James Scott, younger of Logie, [...] Fullerton of Kinnaber, Mr Robert Taylor of Borrowfield, [...] Scott of Hedderwick, James Milne, elder of Balwyllo, [...] Falconer of Newtoun, [...] Dempster of Logie, David Carnegie of Craigo, [...] Turnbull of Strickathrow, Robert Young of Auldbar, [...] Arbuthnott of Findowrie, [...] Rait of Pitforthie, David Edgar of Kethick, James Carnegie of Cookston, [the] younger laird of Edzell, [Carnegie], laird of Balnamoon, [...] Symmer of Balzeordie, Captain William Cramond of Brathinch, Mr James Carnegie of Finavon, [...] Murray of Melgum, [...] Strachan of Balgavies, Mr Patrick Lyon of Carse, Andrew Hunter of Dod, John Lindsay of Pitscandly, younger, [...] Pearson of Balmadies, Mr Patrick Carnegie of Lour, Alexander Reid of Turfbeg, John Ochterlonie of Guynd, Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie, Patrick Bower of Kinnettles, Mr William Gray of Invereighty, [...] Ogilvie of Kinalty, John Ogilvie of Murthill, William Lyon of Easter Ogle, [...] Rennie of Usan, [...] Milne of Netherdysart, [...] Ogilvie of Inshewan, Sir John Ogilvie of Inverquharity, Sir James Kinloch of that ilk, [...] Wishart of Logie, Robert Carnegie of Ballandarg, Robert Fletcher of Ballinshoe, Thomas Lundie of Glaswell, David Ogilvie of Clova, James Burn of Wester Dunoon, James Haliburton of Pitcur, [...] Haliburton of Fotheringham, [...] MacKenzie of Rosehaugh, David Nevay of that ilk, Mr John Lammie of Dunkenny, Thomas Crichton of Ruthvens, Patrick Ogilvie of Balfour, John Galloway of Baldovie, [...] Clayhills of Invergowrie, Alexander Duncan of Lundie, Mr Patrick Lyon of Auchterhouse, [...] Duncan of Strathmartine, William Nairn of Baldovan, Alexander Wedderburn of Easter Powrie, John Lindsay of Cairn, David Graham, younger of Fintry, Robert Ogilvie of Coull, George Turnbull of Balglassie, [...] Wedderburn of Blackness, [...] Graham of Duntrune, James Kidd of Craigie, Robert Davidson of Balgay, Gilbert Auchinleck of that ilk, Mr James Martin of Grange, Alexander Duncan of Ardownie, Patrick Durham of Omachie, Robert Garden of Lawton, younger, [...] Watson of Grange of Barrie, [...] Gordon of Coleston, Mr John Carnegie of Boysack, Henry Crawford of Seaton, Mr Thomas Fairweather of South-Tarry, Alexander Piper of Newgrange, [...] Fraser of Kirkton, Mr William Aikman of Carnie, Mr Harry Maule of Kellie, [...] Ogilvie of Pitmuies, John Guthrie of that ilk, Francis Erskine of Kirkbuddo, [...] Moodie of Arbikie and James Lyle of Gardin.

For the shire of Banff: William [Keith], earl Marischal, James [Ogilvy], earl of Findlater, James [Ogilvy], earl of Seafield, Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Boyne, Sir Alexander Ogilvie of Forglen, Ludovic Grant of that ilk, elder, Alexander Grant of that ilk, younger, Sir John Gordon of Park, Sir James Abercrombie of Birkenbog, Alexander Gordon of Pitlurg, James Ogilvie, younger of Boyne, Alexander Duff of Braco, William Baird of Auchmedden, Alexander Gairn of Troup, John Ramsay of Laithers, Peter Russell of Montcoffer, Robert Grant of Dunlugus, James Ogilvie of Logie, Mr William Joss of Cullenvaird, Mr Andrew Hay of Montblairy, Alexander Alison of Littlefield, George Gordon of Carnousie, Mr Francis Grant of Cullen, Alexander Grant of Ballintomb, John Abernethy of Mayen, James Gordon of Ardmellie, James Hamilton of Cobairdy, Abernethy of Corskie, younger, Alexander Abercrombie of Glasshaugh, James Dunbar, younger of Durn, James Ogilvie of Poldavid, Nicolas Dunbar of Castlefield, John Hay of Moldavit, Patrick Stewart of Tannachy, [...] Gordon of Buckie, Alexander Abercrombie of Skeith, Alexander Sutherland of Kinminity, John Innes of Edingight, John Innes of Edingight, younger, Charles Gordon of Glengerrack, William Gordon of Birkenburn, younger, [...] Gordon of Auchanachie, John Grant of Carron, John Grant of Ballindalloch, Major George Arnott, [...] Stewart of Kilmaichlie, Robert Cumming of Reicleiteich, Alexander Leslie of Findochty, Mr James Leslie of Tullich, Alexander Duff of Drumin, Thomas Donaldson of Kinnairdy, John Cuthbert of Brackenhills, Walter Grant of Ardendillie, Captain John Grant of Easter Elchies, [...] Stewart of Achnachan, James Duff of Crombie and John Ogilvie of Kempcairn.

For the stewartry of Kirkcudbright: [James Stewart], earl of Galloway, [William Gordon], viscount of Kenmure, Mr John Gordon of Greenlaw, Sir Robert Grierson of Lag, Sir George Maxwell of Orchardton, Patrick Murdoch of Cumloden, Patrick Dunbar of Machriemore, Patrick Heron of that ilk, Patrick Heron, younger of that ilk, Alexander MacKie of Palgowan, Andrew Heron of Bargally, William Muir of Cassencarrie, Robert Brown of Carsluith, Samuel Hannah of Kirdale, John MacCulloch of Barholm, Samuel MacDowall of Glen, Alexander Murray of Broughton, William Maxwell of Cardoness, David MacCulloch of Ardwall, Hugh MacGuffock of Rusco, William MacGuffock, younger of Rusco, Ephraim MacLellan of Barmagachan, James Gordon of Largmore, John Carson of Balmaghie, Nathaniel Gordon of Carleton, Alexander Brown of Kempleton, John Gordon of Kirkconnel, Alexander Gordon of Earlston, Robert Gordon of Garvery,61 William Kennedy of Knockreoch, Adam Newall of Barskeoch, William Gordon of Holm, William Gordon of Shirmers, John Neilson of Corsock, William Craik of Duchrae, Samuel Brown of Mollance, Roger Gordon of Troqueer, James Gordon, younger of Troqueer, Charles MacLellan of Collin, Robert MacLellan of Barcloy, the provost of Kirkcudbright, James Gordon of Campbelton, William Herries of Mabie, Robert Maxwell of Hesselfield, William Lindsay of Mains, Robert Maxwell, younger of Hills, John Sharp of Hoddam, Adam Craik of Arbigland, Robert Johnston of Kelton, William Copland of Collieston, James MacAdam of Waterhead, William Young of Auchenskeoch, Edward Gawdie of Craigmuie, William Grierson of Bargaton, William Stewart of Shambelly, Doctor Murray, portioner of Cavens, John Brown of Nunland, Mungo Lindsay, younger of Wauchope, Charles Murray of Barnbarroch, Mr Andrew Ewart of Mulloch, minister of Kells, William Laurie of Barnsoul, Alexander Stewart, younger of Tannargie and Mr John Brown, factor to the estate of Baldoon.

For the shire of Sutherland: [John Gordon] earl of Sutherland, [William Gordon], lord Strathnaver, [George MacKay], lord Reay, [James Sutherland], lord Duffus, [Kenneth Duffus], master of Duffus, [John MacKenzie], laird of Assynt, [Aeneas MacLeod], laird of Cadboll, Peter Forbes of Lochinver, Robert Gray of Skibo, Robert Murray of Pulrossie, David Ross of Inverchaslie, Hugh Munro of Inveran, Mr George Gray of Criech, John Gray of Newton, Alexander Gray of Overskibo, Alexander Sutherland of Proncy, James Sutherland of Evelix, Hugh MacKay of Strathy, George MacKay of Bighouse, Captain Hugh MacKay of Borgie, James Sutherland of Clyne, Hugh Sutherland of Kinnald, David Sutherland, younger of Kinnald, John Munro of Rogart, Donald Gunn of Badenloch, Sir William Gordon of Dalfolly, John Gordon of Carroll, George Gordon of Hospidell, Alexander Gordon of Garty, sheriff depute of the shire, James Sutherland, younger of Proncy, Alexander Sutherland of Meikle Torboll, William Sutherland of Ham, Alexander Sutherland of Bregrudie, Mr Alexander Gordon of Langwell and Sir John Gordon of Embo.

For the shire of Caithness: [John Sinclair], earl of Caithness, [John Campbell], earl of Breadalbane, [Alexander Sinclair], lord Berriedale, [John Campbell], lord Glenorchy, Sir James Sinclair of Mey, John Sinclair of Dumbeath, Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs, sheriff depute, Sir George Sinclair of Clyth, James Sinclair of Lyth, George Sutherland of Forss, John Sinclair of Ulbster, John Sinclair of Stirkoke, James Sutherland of Langwell, Mr Robert Dunbar of Myreland, Alexander Sinclair of Brabster, James Sinclair of Stemster, James Sinclair of Lybster, James Murray of Clardon, Patrick Dunbar of Bowermadden, Mr John Campbell of Castlehill, Mr Patrick Murray of Pennyland, David Sinclair of Freswick, George Sinclair of Barroch, Alexander Sinclair of Dunn, John Sinclair of Lybster, Alexander Sinclair of Oldrich, George Manson of Bridgend, John Sinclair of Barroch, James Sinclair of Howburnhead, Captain Adam Cunningham of Oukingill, the earl of Breadalbane's chamberlain for the time, the earl of Cromarty's chamberlain for the time, John Sinclair of Ratter, Richard Sinclair of Thura, William Sinclair of Hoy, John Sinclair of Assery, William Sutherland of Geise, elder, John Sinclair of Ratter, younger and the chamberlain of the bishopric.

For the shire of Elgin: [Charles Stewart], earl of Moray, [James Sutherland], lord Duffus, William Duff of Dipple, Alexander Duff of Drummuir, [Patrick Stewart], laird of Tannachie, younger, [Robert Urquhart], laird of Burdyards, elder, the laird of Burdyards, younger, the laird of Grange, [Sir Harry Innes], laird of Innes, elder, [Harry Innes], laird of Innes, younger, the laird of Duniphail, the laird of Bishopmill, [Ludovic Grant], laird of Grant, elder, [Alexander Grant], laird of Grant, younger, the laird of Wester Elchies, the laird of Easter Elchies, the laird of Altyre, [James Brodie], laird of Brodie, [George Brodie], laird of Asliesk, [William Baillie], laird of Muirtown, elder, the laird of Muirtown, younger, [Sir Robert Gordon], laird of Gordonstoun, [Sir Alexander Innes], laird of Coxton, elder, [George Innes], laird of Coxton, younger, [Alexander Brodie], laird of Lethen, Sir James Innes of Orton, [Dunbar], laird of Durn, elder, [James Dunbar], laird of Durn, younger, John Dunbar of Kirkhill, tutor of Grangehall, Joseph Brodie of Milton, [the] laird of Grant's bailie in his absence, [James Grant], laird of Pluscardine, or his bailie, William Martin of Morriston, Robert Dunbar of Newton, Thomas Brodie of Pitgaveny, John Innes of Darkland, John Innes of Leuchars, George Innes of Dunkinty, Patrick Grant of Dalvey, [...] Grant of Balnatom, Alexander Dunbar of Moy, Mr Robert Dunbar of Moy, the laird of Ballindalloch, David Stewart of Newton, Walter Innes of Blackhills, elder, [...] Innes of Blackhills, younger, the earl of Rothes's chamberlain, the earl of Moray's chamberlain, William Cumming of Craigmill, Robert Innes of Mundole, John Leslie of Balnageith, John Brodie of Windyhills, Mr James Sutherland, advocate, William Dunbar of Dilkside, William King of Newmills, James Stewart of Castlehill, John Leslie of Middleton, John Dunbar of Boigs, Colin Dunbar, younger of Boigs, Charles MacKenzie of Earnside, Mr William Sutherland of Mosstowie, William Sutherland of Rosehaugh, James Innes, younger of Coats, William Brodie of Coltfield, George Chalmers of Pittensair, James Brodie of Whitehill and Mungo Grant of Knockando.

For the stewartry of Orkney and Shetland: Sir Archibald Stewart of Burray, Sir William Craigie of Gairsay, Robert Stewart of Newark, William Douglas of Egilsay, elder, Alexander Douglas of Egilsay, younger, John Stewart of Brough, Thomas Buchanan of Sandside, Mr Robert Honeyman of Graemsay, James Graham of Grahamshall, Captain James Moodie of Melsetter, George Baikie of Tankerness, Robert Baikie, younger of Tankerness, Hugh Baikie of Burness, John Traill of Elsness, David Traill of Seba, Harry Graham of Breckness, William Liddell of Hammer, John Nisbet of Swona, John Coventry of Enhallow,62 Patrick Kinnaird of Burwick, Alexander Stewart of Massetter, Mr James Stewart of Tookquay, David Sutherland of Windbreck, Laurence Sinclair of Quendale, Charles Stewart of Bigton, John Scott of Scotshall, James Scott of Voesgarth, John Mitchell of Westshore, James Mitchell of Girlsta, [...] Bruce, tutor of Muness, Patrick Leslie of Ustaness, John Gifford of Busta, Andrew Mowat of Gairth, Andrew Bruce of Braewick, William Henderson of Gardie, [...] Bruce of Soundbrugh,63 George Cheyne of Essilmont, [...] Sinclair of Brough and the stewart of Orkney and Shetland and his deputes for the time.

For the shire of Clackmannan: [John Campbell], duke of Argyll, [John Erskine], earl of Mar, Sir John Shaw of Greenock, Sir Robert Stewart of Tillicoultry, Sir John Erskine of Alva, [...] Holburn of Menstrie, Mr Alexander Abercrombie of Tullibody, Lieutenant Colonel Bruce of Kennet, Alexander Inglis, tacksman of the estate of Clackmannan, John Burn of Sheardale, John Drysdale of Townhead, George Colquhoun of Balhearty, Mr John Campbell of Mamore, Charles Kerray of Gogar, George Stirling of Herbertshire, William Stirling, younger of Herbertshire, Mr Francis Masterton of Parkmill, Charles Craigingelt of Woodside, the bailie of Alva64 for the time and the bailie of Campbell for the time.

For the shire of Ross: [George MacKenzie], earl of Cromarty, [John MacKenzie], lord MacLeod, David Ross of Balnagown, Hugh Rose of Kilravock, Sir John MacKenzie of Coull, Sir Robert Munro of Foulis, Kenneth MacKenzie of Scatwell, Rorie MacKenzie of Redcastle, Simon MacKenzie of Allangrange, Alexander MacKenzie of Applecross, Rorie MacKenzie, younger thereof, Rorie MacKenzie of Fairbairn, Alexander MacKenzie of Belmaduthy, William MacKenzie, younger of Belmaduthy, Simon MacKenzie of Torridon, George Munro of Newmore, George Munro of Culrain, Hector Munro of Naver, Hugh Munro of Teaninich, George Munro of Lemlair, John MacKenzie of Clyne, Colin MacKenzie of Kincraig, Murdoch MacKenzie of Ardross, John Forrester of Dunskeath, Colin Robertson of Kindace, John Ross of Auchnacloich, Mr George MacKenzie of Balmacarra, Hector Munro of Drummond, Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, Sir Donald Bain of Tulloch, John Bain, younger of Tulloch, Sir William Gordon of Dalfolly, Alexander MacKenzie of Dachmaluack, Mr George MacKenzie of Inchculter, Rorie Dingwall of Cambuscurry, Alexander Forrester of Culenaild, Kenneth MacKenzie of Suddey, Alexander MacKenzie of Ballone, Charles MacKenzie of Cullin, Kenneth MacKenzie of Achtadonell, Mr George MacKenzie of Greinord, Alexander Mathieson of Benadgefield, Aeneas MacLeod of Cadboll, Captain Daniel MacLeod of Gainies, William Ross of Invercarron, Colin Graham of Drynie, James Fraser of Achnagairn, Hugh Ross of Braelangwell, David Ross of Invercassley, Mr Alexander MacLeod of Contullich, William Ross of Aldie, William Ross of Easterfearn, Alexander Duff of Drumoore, Colin MacKenzie of Dachpollo65 and Alexander Ross of Pitkerrie.

For the shire of Kinross: [Robert Balfour], lord [Balfour of] Burleigh, [Robert Colville], lord Colville [of Ochiltree], Sir David Arnott of that ilk, Sir William Bruce of Kinross, Sir John Malcolm of Invertiel, Sir Robert Douglas of Kirkness, [...] Halliday of Tilliboill, [...] Lindsay of Dowhill, James Rankine of Coldon, [...] Malcolm of Invertiel, younger, John Bruce of Kinross, George Burrell, portioner of Kinnesswood, Patrick Robertson of Smiddyhill, James Steedman, bailie of Kinross, and Mr Laurence Mercer for the Lady [Ross of] Aldie.

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