Act ratifying the turning the meeting of the estates in the year 1689 into a parliament

Our sovereign lady, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, ratifies, approves and perpetually confirms the first act of King William and Queen Mary's parliament, dated 5 June 1689, entitled act declaring the meeting of the estates to be a parliament, and of new enacts and declares that the three estates then met together the said 5 June 1689, consisting of noblemen, barons and burghs, were a lawful and free parliament, and it is declared that it shall be high treason for any person to disown, quarrel or impugn the dignity and authority of the said parliament. And further, the queen's majesty, with consent foresaid, statutes and declares that it shall be high treason in any of the subjects of this kingdom to quarrel, impugn or endeavour by writing, malicious and advised speaking, or other open act or deed, to alter or innovate the Claim of Right or any article thereof.

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