Petition: recommendation

Petition by Colonel George MacGill desiring the recommendation of the estates to her majesty and the lords commissioners of her majesty's treasury for relieving him of a debt contracted for clothing his regiment, read, and granted, as follows.

Recommendation in favour of Colonel George MacGill

Her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament having heard the petition of Colonel George MacGill humbly showing to them that he was necessitated to engage his private credit to the deceased Patrick Chalmers and others for clothing the regiment he had under his command, which, being shortly thereafter disbanded, he was pursued by John Watson, agent for the regiment and his assignee, for which he is daily in hazard to be distressed. And seeing he has not only expended his private patrimony for paying his public debts, but likewise as a farther testimony of his zeal to the government he delivered the complete clothing of his regiment for its service, as the books of treasury and store master's receipts can instruct, and seeing his case seems very favourable and deserves the same redress and justice which his grace and their lordships have given to others, therefore, humbly craving his grace and their lordships to take what is above-represented to their serious consideration and in compassion to the petitioner's present suffering circumstances to order his reimbursements with the interest of what he has paid or stands engaged for upon the account of the said regiment, and to recommend him to her majesty and lords of treasury for a remuneration of the said new clothing for which there is a letter already drawn by her majesty's advocate and signed by the whole lords of treasury, as the said petition bears. Whereupon her majesty's high commissioner and the said estates of parliament, by an interlocutor dated 9 September instant, ordained the representatives of Patrick Chalmers and all other parties concerned to see and answer the same against the then next sederunt of parliament and, having this day again fully considered the said petition and that there were no answers made thereto, they have recommended and do hereby recommend the petitioner to her majesty and the lords commissioners of her majesty's treasury to have his circumstances considered with respect to the new clothing furnished by him to his regiment, that he may have such reimbursement and remuneration for the said clothing as her majesty and their lordships shall think fit.

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