Procedure: act debated and continued

The act for security proceeded in, and the clause offered in writing and proceeded upon the former sederunt being further considered, a new clause was offered: providing that after her majesty's decease without heirs of her body the same person shall in no event be capable to be king or queen of both kingdoms of Scotland and England unless a free communication of trade, the freedom of navigation and the liberty of the plantations be fully agreed to and established by the parliament and kingdom of England in favour of the subjects and kingdom of Scotland, at the sight and to the satisfaction of this or any ensuing parliament of Scotland or the said meeting of the estates. After reading whereof, it was moved that the house might be regulated and the several members appointed to take their proper seats. Whereupon the vote being stated, proceed in the act or to the regulation of the house, carried proceed in the act; and accordingly, after long reasoning on the two clauses under deliberation, the question was first stated, add both clauses to the act yes or no and, being thereafter stated, proceed or delay, the vote was asked whether the first state or the second should be put to the vote and carried that the second state should be put to the vote. Then the question being voted, proceed or delay, it carried delay.

Procedure: adjournment

The lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament until Friday next at 10 o'clock.

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