The petition for the burgh of Lanark read, and the desire thereof granted for nineteen years from this date in manner following:

Act in favour of the burgh of Lanark

Her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having heard the petition of the magistrates and the burgh of Lanark humbly showing to them that, whereas the burgh of Lanark has been at a vast expense in building a bridge over the Clyde, it being frequently unpassable at that place either by boat or ford (several having perished there within these few years) and that by reason of the great repair and the violent current of the water it will require frequent reparations, which the petitioners are unable to do unless they get some fund for it. And, therefore, craving his grace and the honourable estates of parliament to grant an act in favour of the petitioners allowing them the custom thereof and ordaining the same to be paid by each passenger at the same rate as is paid at Bothwell bridge or Clyde's bridge, which are within the same shire, and to grant the petitioners the like privileges which have been granted to either of them, by which the petitioners will be enabled to maintain the bridge for the ease and safety of all who pass this road, as the said petition bears. Which, her majesty's high commissioner and the said estates of parliament, having this day fully considered, they have granted and hereby grant the desire thereof and ordained and hereby ordain the customs after-mentioned to be paid to and uplifted by the petitioners to the effect above-written, namely 12d Scots off every horse and load, 8d Scots off every cow and horse, 2d Scots off every sheep and 2d Scots off every footman that shall pass along the said bridge, and this imposition to continue for the space of nineteen years after the date hereof.

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