Act in favour of [John Hamilton], lord Belhaven and Sir Alexander Ogilvie

Her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having heard the petition of John, lord Belhaven and Sir Alexander Ogilvie of Forglen, humbly showing to them that the petitioners, having been so unfortunate as to incur the displeasure of her majesty's commissioner's grace and the honourable estates of parliament by unbecoming expressions and other undutiful behaviour, for which they are most heartily sorry and grieved, therefore they did in all humility acknowledge their faults and did crave pardon of her majesty's commissioner and the estates of parliament for the offence committed by them, and did entreat that their most humble submission might be received and they restored to their places in parliament, as the said petition bears. Which petition, her majesty's high commissioner and the said estates having considered, and having also heard the petitioners' acknowledgement of their offence in the terms above-written, they have accepted and hereby accept of the petitioners' acknowledgement, have pardoned and forgiven and do by this act pardon and forgive their offences and have restored, likewise they do hereby restore, the petitioners to their respective places in parliament. Extract.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.102v-103.