Prayers said. The rolls called.

Procedure: minutes read

The minutes of the last sederunt read.

Procedure: members pardoned

Petition by [John Hamilton], lord Belhaven and Sir Alexander Ogilvie [of Forglen], both in custody by order of the lord high constable, being read, wherein they acknowledged their fault by unbecoming expressions and other undutiful behaviour in the house, and entreated her majesty's high commissioner and the estates might be pleased to pardon their offence, and that they might be restored to their seats as members of parliament. Her majesty's high commissioner signified from the throne that, since the petitioners had made such humble submission and given such satisfaction for their offences, he would not stand in the way of what favour the estates might incline to show them. Whereupon the lord high constable was ordered to cause the officer of his guard to bring the petitioners before the parliament, and they being accordingly brought to the bar and craving pardon of his grace and the estates for their offence in the terms of their petition, the desire thereof was granted as follows:

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