Act for a review to my Lord Lothian of some decreits given against him

The estates of parliament, haveing heard a supplication presented be William, earle of Lothian, mentioning that in the yeer 1639 the petitioner, amongst diverse others, wes engadged in bands for the publict to Sir William Dick for which, notwithstanding in realitie that band wes payed, he wes forced by the unjust decreits and sentences of the judges under the usurpation to give private security to the Lord Burghlie, which notwithstanding, doeth not alter the nature of the debt, and wheras it pleased his majestie and estates of parliament in the first session, upon consideration of the unjustice that many of the subjects suffered by these usurpers, to grant to parties greived the benefite of a reveiw of the said decreits befor the lords of session, the saids reveiws being intentit within yeer and day after dounsitting of the session, bot the supplicant, tho most wrongouslie decerned be these judges, yet conceaveing that some generall course wes to be taken in parliament for releiff and payment of these debts and that he would be free therof without trouble of a reveiw, did therfor, neglect to raise the same in tyme, beleiveing that the generall act past for suspension of publict debts would have secured him, bot now finding that, notwithstanding therof, he is lyk to be troubled for the same; humbly therfor, desireing that he may yet be allowed to have the benefite of a reveiw of the saids decreits als freely as if the same had been intentit in due time conforme to the act of parliament. Which being taken into consideration, the king's majestie, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, doe yet grant unto the supplicant the benefite of a reveiw of any decreits given against him be the English judges for the debts abovewritten, and recommends to the lords of session to administer justice to him therupon, conforme to the tuelt act of the first session of this parliament, als fully as if the said reveiw had been intendit within the tyme prescryved be the said act, the petitioner alwayes raiseing summons for his reveiw betuixt and Candlemes next.

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