Judicial proceedings: acts of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

In the actioune and cause persewit be a venerable fader George, abbot of Inchchaff[ray]' and his convent, on the ta part, again William of Cuni[n]gga[me] of Gle[n]g[er]nok, Thomas Cuni[n]ggam[e] and Willia[m] Cuni[n]gga[me], his sones, on the tother part, anent the distructioune and doune castin of the mylne lade and dame of Du[n]fally pertening to the said abbot and con[vent], baithe the said partiis beand present be thaim self and thaire procuraturis and thaire evide[ntis], richtis, resones and allegaciouns at lenthe sene, herd and understandin, the lordis decretis and delivers that the saidis William, Thomas and William sall bige and mak up againe on thaire aune expensis the said milne lade and dam alse gude as it was the tyme on the doune castin, to be broukit and joysit be the said abbot and convent ay and quhill the said William schew sum thing to bere it lauchefully fra thaim, and oure souverain lordis lettres to be direct hereuppoune.

In the actioune and cause persewit be Maister Archbald Quhitelaw, archdene of Louthiane, secretare, again Alexander Straiton', for the wrangwise withehaldin of a yeris fruytis of the kirk of Conveth' clamyt be the said Maister Archibald, baithe the said partiis beand personaly present and thair evidentis, resones and allegacionis at lenthe sene, herde and understandin, the lordis decretis and delivers that the said Alexander sall content and pay to the said Maister Archibald jC thre skore x merkis for a yeris fruytis of the said kirk aucht be him bigane, exceppand the soume of xx merkis that3 takin up be Maister Robert Keith' quhilk the said Maister Archbald grantis to defalk to the said Alexander of the said soume, and ordainis that the kingis lettres be direct to distrenye herefore.

The actioune and cause persewit be a reverend fader in Criste Johne, bischop of Brechin, on the ta part, again George Ramsay of Cant[er]land, on the tother part, anent vij c[halders] of mele clamyt be the said re[verand] f[ader] to be aucht to him and the kirk of Brechin of sevin yeris annuel of the landis of Cant[er]land, is continuit be the lordis auditouris to the x day of Junii, with continuacioun of dais, and ordanis the deposiciouns of witnes now takin to be closit quhil the said day, and that thair be lettres writin til a schiref unsuspect charging to tak ane inquisicioun of the best and worthiest of the cuntre and unsuspect that best knawis gife the said annuel of mele is aucht to the kirk of Brechin of the said landis and gife the kirk was in possessioune thairof and how lang sine. And quhat that beis fundin be the said inquisicioun to retoure again to the king close the said day, and alsa the lordis ordanis that againe the said day the chekk[er] rowis be soucht and sene gife it can be fundin that the king tuke the said annuel ony tyme of the vakin of the sege of Brechin, sene part of the witnes and in speciale a seriand says he raisit and brocht it in to the king efter the dede of Bischop Cra[n]noch'.

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