Committee members: lords of the articles


[... ... ...]2

To the artikilles and the mone

  • For the prelatis
  • The bischop of Sanctandro
  • The bischop of Glasgw
  • The bischop of Ab[ir]dene
  • Abbate Halirudeho[ous], Paslay
  • For the barones
  • The Erle of Orknay
  • The Lord Hammilton'
  • The Lord Lindissay
  • The Lord Lyle
  • The Lard of Caldorwod
  • For the commissaris
  • Tho Olifant }
  • Wat Yung } Edinburgh
  • Mathou Fost[ar] --- Striueli
  • Wil of Pebl[es] --- Pebl[es]
  • George Girnelaw
  1. NAS, PA2/1, f.56r. Note these lists of committees are not properly dated, and are placed with the 1468 parliament only because of their place in the register. The committees are quite different from those in 1469.
  2. This heading is followed by half a folio of blank paper. Possibly left for a preamble and sederunt?