Procedure: agenda for commission of parliament

In the first, regarding the matter for which lyon king of arms has travelled to England.

Secondly, regarding the proceedings against the persons who withheld from our sovereign lord Dunbar castle or any other castle that is under summons or that his highness will cause to be summoned.

Also that they shall have power to unite and perpetually annex to the crown such lordships and lands as they think expedient, of the lands that have come into the hands of our sovereign lord by the forfeiture led in this present parliament of [Alexander Stewart], duke of Albany and Sir James of Liddale, so that thereafter our sovereign lord may be advised how he will deal with the rest in rewarding his true lieges who have in the past undertaken and will in the future do good and true service to his highness, and also to choose auditors of complaints to decide in actions between parties etc.

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