Act for two fairs yearly to be kept in the barony of Preston

The king's majesty, considering that the town of Preston, within the shire of Berwick, belonging to [James Douglas], marquis of Douglas, is a fit and convenient place for the neighbouring people to repair to for fairs and markets, and that there is no other market near them except at Duns, from which they are often impeded by the impetuosity of the river Whitewater2, running between, upon which there is no bridge; does therefore, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, grant privilege to the marquis of Douglas, his heirs and successors, to hold and keep two yearly fairs in the said town of Preston, the one upon 9 June, and the other upon 26 September respectively, and to hold a weekly market every Tuesday, with power to the said marquis and his foresaids, by themselves, their factors and servants, to uplift the tolls, customs and casualties, and with all other privileges and immunities in the like cases used and wont.

  1. NAS. PA2/28, f.117-117v.
  2. Sic. Probably referring to Whiteadder Water, which runs between Preston and Duns.