Act for a yearly fair in the barony of Caskieben

The estates of parliament, being informed that the town of Monkeigie belonging to Sir John Keith of Caskieben, knight marischal, lies in a very populous part of the country and is a place most fit whereat a yearly fair may be kept and held for ease of his majesty's lieges who are adjacent thereto, and can be most commodiously served with all sorts of commodities if there were a yearly fair appointed to be kept thereat; therefore, the king's majesty, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament, does hereby give to the said Sir John Keith, his heirs and successors, a yearly free fair to be held and kept in all time coming at the town of Monkeigie and mains of Caskieben next adjacent thereto, upon the third Tuesday of June yearly, to continue and endure until the Saturday thereafter, with power to the said Sir John Keith and his foresaids or such as they shall appoint to cause ride and proclaim the said fair and to uplift, collect and intromit with the customs and other duties belonging thereto as is usual to be collected and uplifted in like cases, within any other town where any free fair is kept in any place of this realm, and recommends to the lords of his majesty's exchequer to pass a signature hereupon if need be in such due and competent form as appropriate.

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