Act concerning the riding of the parliament and the penalties of such as shall be absent from it

The king's majesty, considering how necessary it is for his majesty's honour, for the authority of parliament and the advancement of his majesty's service that the close of this parliament (which his majesty has commanded to be dissolved at this time) be attended with all the solemnities usual in such cases; does therefore, with advice and consent of his estates in parliament, ordain and command all archbishops and bishops, all noblemen, and commissioners from shires and burghs to be ready with their horses and foot-mantles, and the nobility with their robes, to attend his majesty's commissioner to and from the parliament house the last day of the parliament, certifying such as shall, without leave of his majesty's commissioner, be absent and not attend, as said is, they shall be liable to such censure and punishment as his majesty and council shall think fit to inflict upon them, as contemners of his royal authority, and commands besides that the commissioners from shires and burghs are to forfeit and lose the allowances due to them for their attendance.

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