Judicial proceedings: acts of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

23 March2

Sitting were [William Scheves], archbishop [of St Andrews], [James Livingston], bishop of Dunkeld [and] chancellor, [William Elphinstone], bishop of Ross, [George Carmichael], bishop-elect of Glasgow, [David Lindsay], earl of Crawford, [Colin Campbell], earl of Argyll, [William Hay], earl of Erroll, [Andrew Stewart], lord Avondale, [James Allardice], provost of St Andrews, John Ross, Master Richard Lawson.

In the action and cause pursued on behalf of our sovereign the king against George Clephane of Claslogy for the withholding of Margaret Barclay, the daughter and heir of the late James Barclay, the said George compeared in person and alleged [that] the said Margaret was his son's wife, [and] thereupon produced a contract of marriage to be made and an instrument of handfasting of her and his son, the lords thereafter being fully advised decree and deliver that the 4handfasting of the said Margaret with the said George's son 5should not take the profit of her marriage away from our said sovereign lord, and because the said George had her under his governance and keeping after the death of her father, that he shall therefore within the next 15 days either bring and deliver her to our sovereign lord or to whomever his highness has given her [in] marriage, or else that he shall pay his highness or them that she is given to as much as the law allows [that] he pay for the value of her marriage if she is married or marries in the future without their consent, as she was unmarried after the death of her father, and failing that the said George fulfils and does not [do] this, that he shall at the end of the said 15 days make himself a ward of Blackness castle and remain there at his own expense until he has fulfilled this decreet and until he is freed by our sovereign lord.

The lords auditors continue all summons now undecided that were raised up to now until 7 April next, with continuation of days.

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