Procedure: oaths taken

The which day the archbishops [James Sharp] of St Andrews and [Andrew Fairfoul of] Glasgow, the bishops [James Hamilton] of Galloway, [George Haliburton of] Dunkeld, [Murdo MacKenzie of] Moray, [John Paterson of] Ross, [David Strachan of] Brechin, [Patrick Forbes of] Caithness and [Robert Wallace of the] Isles, being brought in to the house, took the oath of allegiance and oath of parliament.

Committee membership: lords of the articles
An addition to the lords of articles

The lord commissioner adds the nine bishops above-named to the lords of the articles, and also adds Sir John Urquhart of Cromarty in place of Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie, and it is declared that the nomination and constitution of the articles at this time shall be without prejudice of what course his majesty shall take hereafter for the constitution of the articles.

Procedure: continuation

The lord commissioner continues the parliament until Tuesday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon etc.

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