Procedure: judicial commissions for witchcraft and bestiality

Commission to John [Fleming], earl of Wigtown, John [Fleming], lord Fleming, James Fleming of Oxgang, John Gartshore of that ilk and Mr James Fleming of Balloch, or any three of them, for judging of Patrick Clark apprehended and incarcerated for the abominable crime of bestiality.

Commission to Sir Robert Hepburn of Keith, marischal, Patrick Brown, younger of Colstoun, Alexander Cockburn in Letham, Mr Alexander Hay of Baro, Thomas Haliburton of Eaglescarnie, Mr John Butler of Kirkland and Doctor [---] Hepburn of Monkrigg, or any four of them, for trying and judging of Anna Kemp in Belton, Isobel Smith there, Margaret Kerr there and Isobel Smyth in Pilmuir, accused of being guilty of the abominable crime of witchcraft etc.

Commission to George Livingston of Saltcoats, William Ferguson, bailie of Dirleton, [---] Couper of Fenton Barns and Adam Maxwell of Highfield for trying and judging of Bessie Knox in West Fenton and Isobel Johnston in Gullane, accused of being guilty of the abominable crime of witchcraft, the commission bearing any three of the forenamed commissioners to be the quorum.

Commission to Mr John Dougall of Nunland, Mr John Butler of Kirkland, Mr Richard Cairnes of Pilmuir, Patrick Hepburn, late bailie of Haddington, Francis Hepburn of Beanston, Thomas Haliburton of Eaglescarnie and Alexander Borthwick of [---], for judging of Janet West in Samuelston, Isobel Cathie there, Isobel Thomson there, Christine Black there, Janet Kemp there, Susanna Bannatyne there, Robert Scott there, James Welsh there and Barbara Scott in Rottenrow, accused of being guilty of witchcraft etc., any three of the commissioners a quorum.

[Clerk's note]

Nota there is a decreet at [William Douglas], duke of Hamilton's instance against [James Campbell of] Ardkinglas of this day's date registered the day following.2

  1. NAS. PA2/27, f.18-18v.
  2. This is a clerk's note. See f.29v-31 (1661/1/349) for text. Incorrectly inserted in register under date 12 June rather than 7 June.