Act and commission anent the valuation of the shire of Caithness

The estates of parliament, taking into their consideration a supplication presented to them in name of the commissioners of the shire of Caithness mentioning that, in the year 1656, the justices of peace and commissioners of assessment in the shire of Caithness did procure from the usurpers an order for revaluing the said shire, which, accordingly, they most unjustly did prosecute, valuing some not to the half of their rent and others above their rent according to their pleasure; humbly therefore, desiring a warrant to the entrant justices of peace for revaluing the said shire, as the supplication bears. The lord commissioner and estates of parliament do hereby give warrant and commission to [John MacKay], lord Reay, William Sinclair of Dunbeath, John Sinclair of Brims, Mr James Innes of Sandside, James Sinclair of Assery, David Sinclair of South Doune and Walter Innes of Orton, or any four of them, to meet at any time and place they shall appoint, and of new again to value the said shire and equally proportion the burdens thereof so as everyone within the same may bear their true and just share according to their respective rents.

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