Procedure: commission
Commission to [James Livingstone], earl of Callander

Our sovereign lord, with consent of the estates of parliament, taking to consideration a supplication given in by the magistrates of the burgh of Stirling, showing that by order of the late committee of estates George2 MacGregor, Donald Stewart, John MacCoul and Helen Smart were committed to prison within the tolbooth of the said burgh for certain crimes and insolencies allegedly committed by them, and that the said burgh was at great trouble and expenses in maintaining and keeping the said persons, they being poor and having nothing wherewith they might entertain themselves, do therefore give full power and commission to James, earl of Callander, sheriff principal of the sheriffdom of Stirling, or his deputes, to put the prisoners above-named to a legal trial, and to execution according to justice and to cite and examine witnesses, and do all other things necessary, as in such cases is appropriate.

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