Procedure: commissions for judging witchcraft

Commission for judging of Bessie Fowler, widow in Fisherrow, Agnes Paterson, Katherine Cruikshank, spouse to [...], and Janet Douglas, spouse to Thomas Paterson, accused of being guilty of witchcraft, as their depositions under the hands of Mr Oliver Colt, minister, Robert Strachan and Robert Douglas, bailies of Musselburgh, bears etc., to Sir William Murray of Newton, Sir James Richardson of Smeaton, Robert Dobie of Stainyhill, Mr John Preston, Major John Biggar, William Rigg of Carberry, John Jossie of Westpans, Thomas Smyth, Robert Ramage and the bailies of Musselburgh, or any five of them, the bailies being always two etc., the form of the commission is registered upon 3 May instant.

The like commission against Janet Gray, spouse to John Glorrat, and Agnes Aird, spouse to David Bald in Preston, their confessions being under the hands of commissioners appointed by the parliament for causing apprehend such as were accused within the parish of Salt Preston etc., to Robert Cockburn of Butterdean, John Hamilton of Fa'side, John MacMorran in Preston, George Hepburn of Addiston, Ninian Henderson in Preston,2 Mr Andrew Rutherford, schoolmaster in the Pans, Thomas Home and Alexander Henderson, bailies there, and James Jollie there, or any five of them etc.

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  2. 'Ninian Reid there, William Robertson, bailie in Salt Preston, John Hamilton, bailie in Preston' inserted in APS.