Act rescinding Sir Robert Spottiswood's forfeiture

The king's majesty, taking to his consideration the many good and faithful services done to his majesty's royal grandfather and father, of ever blessed memory, by the deceased Sir Robert Spottiswood of New Abbey in his employments as one of the secret council, as lord of the session and thereafter president thereof, and lastly as secretary for Scotland to his majesty's said royal father, and that the said Sir Robert Spottiswood, for his loyalty and faithfulness, being forced to flee out of this kingdom, did, amidst all the confusions in England, constantly attend upon his majesty's royal father's person in the greatest difficulties, and being thereafter sent into Scotland by his majesty's said royal father's special command with a commission directed to the late [James Graham], marquis of Montrose, did perform his royal commands in the times of greatest danger, hazarding his life and fortune and leaving all to the mercy of his enemies, for the which his faithful service he was forfeited and inhumanely murdered; and his majesty, conceiving himself bound in honour and conscience to have regard to the sufferings of the said Sir Robert, does therefore, with advice and consent of his estates of parliament,2 retreat and annul all and whatsoever sentences of forfeiture given against the said Sir Robert in the year 1646 with all3 interlocutors, sentences or decreets of parliament or committee of estates, or any other judicatory in any way relating thereto, and declares the same to have been from the beginning and to be now and in all time coming null and of no avail, force nor effect, to the end that Mr Alexander Spottiswood, eldest son to the said deceased Sir Robert, and all others of his heirs and executors, may enjoy, bruik and possess all and whatsoever lands4 pertaining or belonging or which may be known to have pertained and belonged to the said deceased Sir Robert, or any other of his predecessors, and that the said Mr Alexander Spottiswood, or any other of the heirs or executors of the said Sir Robert or his predecessors, may be served and retoured heirs of line male or tailzie respectively, and may be infeft as heirs respectively foresaid, and that they may be confirmed executors to them also as if the said forfeiture had never been and this present act to be valid, any act or statute to the contrary notwithstanding.

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