[Petition of the Lord Lorne]

To the king's most excellent majesty and the honourable members of the high court of parliament, the humble petition of Archibald [Campbell], lord Lorne

Humbly shows,

That whereas the committee of estates, upon a letter from his majesty, did by their act at Stirling in September last ordain that the two companies of his majesty's lifeguard then in duty should be made up to 100 a piece, and that when the regular levies shall come out of the several shires their lords would take care to recruit and add so many more companies as would be suitable and fit for such a regiment, and these to be the choicest of the army and fittest for that trust; as also by act that clothes should be given to these rallied soldiers. My humble desire is that your majesty and the honourable estates of parliament would be pleased to determine upon the strength of the regiment and number of companies, and to take some effectual course whereby these recruits may be brought in. And in respect my lieutenant colonel has in God's good providence returned to his charge, whose fidelity in this cause is well-known, both in Ireland and in this kingdom, and that his losses are very many and great, I do humble desire that your majesty and this high court of parliament may be pleased in a particular manner to take notice of him, that he may not only have a company appointed to him, but likewise something may be done for his satisfaction of his former losses. And whereas the committee of estates did think fit that the pickmen of my own company should carry partisans, and that I am certainly informed there is good store of them at Aberdeen, I do humble desire that a warrant may be given for procuring some from there and to allow them in their maintenance or other public dues. And your lords' answer.

Perth, 30 December 1650

The king's majesty and estates of parliament have remitted and remit the supplication above-written and several members thereof to the committee of estates, to be taken into consideration by them that such course may be taken relating thereto as they shall think fitting, and with power to determine therein.

Mr David Hay2

  1. NAS. PA3/2/6, f.129r.
  2. Written on the verso is various endorsements - the committee of bills remitted this on 4 December 1650 to the committee for the affairs of the army, which, in turn, dealt with it on 9 December. It came before the committee of estates on 10 January 1651.