[Business concerning the king's coronation; letter approved; intimation of additions to the levy and the recruiting of the king's lifeguards remitted to the committee for the affairs of the army]

Prayers heard and rolls called.

Report from the committee anent the solemnities and orders for his majesty's coronation read and remitted so far as concerns the persons to the king's majesty and such as he shall call of the parliament to fill up the persons and to report, and appoint the committee of overtures and such members of parliament as were upon this committee formerly and the commissioners for the treasury to think upon the finding out of the money and to revise and consider the report if any thing be necessary to be added thereto or altered therein, to meet this afternoon.

2Letter from the king's majesty and parliament to the several shires and burghs for additional forces over and above the former levies read and approved, and remit to the committee for the military affairs how the same shall be intimated to the shires south of the River Forth.

3The motion anent the recruiting of his majesty's lifeguard remitted to the committee for the military affairs.

[Letters approved; various business concerning the troops remitted to the committee for the affairs of the army; delegation sent to the ministers concerning the provost of Perth]

Letters, one to the forces in the west, and another to Colonel Robert Montgomery, read and approved.

4Remit to the committee for the military affairs to consider who shall go with Sir Charles Erskine [of Alva, Bandeath and Cambuskenneth] to Dumbarton and to consider of the house of Dunglass, and they have to have their dispatch this afternoon.

5Remit to the committee for the military affairs to consider of the castle of Edinburgh either by themselves or such of their number as they think fit.

Ordain John Jaffray [of Dilspro] and James Sword to speak with the ministers of Perth anent the present provost and report the next session.

[Order for a delegation sent to the west rescinded; report approved; continuation]

The parliament dispenses with [Sir Daniel Carmichael of Hyndford], treasurer depute, and [Robert Hepburn of] Keith's going to the west, notwithstanding of their former orders.

Report concerning the prisoners at Newcastle read and approved.

Ordain the next meeting of parliament to be at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the committees to meet after the dissolving of parliament.

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