Judicial proceeding: act of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

In the presence of the lords elected to the causes for parliament

8 October in the afternoon

Regarding the action and cause of summons made by Janet Stevenson for David Hamilton concerning a merk's worth of land lying in Wester Whitburn claimed by the said Janet to pertain to her through a tack, both the said parties being present in person and their rights, reasons and allegations in the said matter seen, heard and understood, the lords auditors decree, find and deliver that the said Janet has no rights to the tack of the said merk's worth of land, despite that at the request of the said lords auditors the said David has agreed to tolerate her presence and that of her goods to remain on the said merk's worth of land until the feast of next Whitsunday [21 May], and then she [is] to remove herself and vacate the same unless she obtains the favour of the said David.

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