[Petition of Mr James Morrison, distressed minister in Orkney]

Petition Mr James Morrison, distressed minister in Orkney

The humble petition of Mr James Morrison, distressed minister in Orkney, to the honourable court of parliament.


That forasmuch as the committee of estates, in consideration of the great losses which I sustained in the late rebellion in Orkney, did ordain me to be repaired thereof, and seeing I am certainly informed, to my heavy regret, that three of my children of 15, 16 and 17 years old, being seduced and forced by James Graham, [earl of Montrose] and his party to join with him, are killed in the late defeat, which is a sad aggravation of my grief and losses, my humble desire therefore is that your honours, in commiseration of my sufferings, would be pleased to grant me summons for citing Mr Walter Stewart, suspended minister at South Ronaldsay, and the rest of the ministers of that presbytery, to appear before your lordships or the committee of estates, to hear and see themselves fined and censured for their compliance and accession to that rebellion as shall be thought fit, and their fines and forfeitures applied for reparation of my losses, to be verified and instructed before Thomas Buchanan of Sound, David MacLellan of Woodwick, James Baikie of Tankerness and James Moodie of Melsetter, all well-affected gentlemen, to whom I likewise humbly desire your lordships to grant commission for that effect.

Your honours' humble supplicant, Mr J. Morrison, minister at Evie

20 May 1650

The estates of parliament grant the desire of the supplication.

[John Campbell, earl of] Loudoun, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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