Act concerning the castle of Edinburgh

The estates, taking into their consideration a supplication given in by his excellency [Alexander Leslie], earl of Leven, showing that whereas he having represented to the parliament the ruinous condition and necessities of the castle of Edinburgh entrusted to him by the king's majesty and estates of this kingdom, it pleased them to refer to the lords and others, the commissioners of the exchequer, to take effectual course for making payment to him of the expenses and charges to be bestowed upon repairing of the same. And the said lords having accordingly by two several references recommended the matter to the commissioners of treasury, they did grant him a precept of £500 sterling upon John Malcolm, chamberlain of Fife, and, in regard of the inability of the king's tenants and retention of their feu duties by order and of former precepts drawn upon him for [John Stewart], lord Ochiltree's use, is not able to give present satisfaction therein, whereby he can effect no present or effectual payment. And seeing the charges which I have so necessarily laid forth in repairing and fortifying the said place, to the evident good of the kingdom, will far surmount the said precept, as the particular account thereof will testify, and will still accrue to the furnishing of the said work, therefore humbly craving the said estates of parliament to consider the undergoing of so great a charge is too heavy a burden for him and to give order that he may be presently paid of bygone and real disbursements and of what further charge he must needs be put to for accomplishing so good and necessary a work, as at more length is contained in the said supplication. Which supplication, together with an account produced by the said lord general and instructed by his lord before the committee for accounts, bearing the sum of £11,801 9s 4d already laid out in repairing and fortifying the said castle of Edinburgh, being heard and considered by the said estates of parliament, they have recommended and seriously recommend to the lords and others, commissioners for his majesty's treasury and exchequer, that some real and effectual course may be taken for payment and satisfaction to the said lord general of the aforesaid sum, and that with the first of any business that they shall take a course with.

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