Judicial proceedings: acts of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

6 August

The lords decree and deliver that for the great dishonouring and contempt shown to the king's highness by Robert Manderston, John Bannerman and John Bog, bailies of Berwick, through the non-execution of their offices, concerning certain letters directed to them for John Holland, and also for the withholding of the king's letters, and also for their disobedience because being summoned several times they neither compeared now nor previously, that therefore letters are to be written to the sheriff of Berwick and his deputies charging him to command and charge the said bailies of Berwick to make themselves wards of Blackness castle within the next 15 days, there to remain at their own expense under the pain of rebellion and of being put to the horn by the king until the said John Holland, the party, is contented and until they are freed by the king.

The lords decree and deliver that Sir John Maxwell shall satisfy and pay John Holland the sum of £3 owed by him to the said John as was proved before the lords, and ordain that letters be written to distrenzie him for this.

The lords decree and deliver that Andrew [Gray], lord Gray, shall satisfy and pay Andrew Mercer of Inchbrakie the sum of £20 owed to the said Andrew by the late Andrew [Gray], lord Gray, the grandfather of the said Andrew, by his obligation shown and produced before the lords, and ordain the king's letters to be directed to distrenzie him for this.

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