For as much as the lords of the three estates deputed to advise upon money consider the great rumour that has arisen due to variances in payment within the realm caused by the collection of rents in the old payment and giving it out again at a dearer price, and also they consider well that to take payment of the rents at a high price and give it out again by the same price, considering also that the value of the penny has risen with the penny and [is] much dearer than it used to be, that, should the money have the general course according to the high price, then every man who should receive any rents lost the fourth or fifth part of his rent, which was too heavy for them in all estates; and in order to eschew this rumour and to satisfy the commons, it is decreed and ordained that henceforth money should have a universal course throughout the realm. And also that the act made upon the importing of bullion into the realm, as well as th[e acts concerning] retention of money within the realm, be observed and kept under extreme and heavy pains, and likewise other statutes made for the keeping of the same, that it not pass out of the realm. It is also ordained that, until it is advised by the wisest in the realm and those who best understand, being deputed thereto, and with great freedom as is appropriate to regulate concerning the money as shall be seen most expedient for the profit of the realm, that in the meantime from this time forth, Scottish money, that is to say the Demi, the Lion, the groat of the crown and the groat of the fleur de lis and the small penny and the farthing shall have the same value that they had before the first proclamation made in parliament in the month of2 October, that is to say the Demi and the Lion, 10s; the groat of the crown, 12d; the fleur de lis, 6½d. And as for the money of other realms, to draw it into the country, they ordain it to have the [following] course: English noble of the Rose and the old Edward, 28s; the noble of the Harry, 24s; the Louis, 24s; the French crown, 11s; the Salut and the Rider to have the same course they had before, and the old English groat 13d; and the new groat 11d; the English penny 3d; the spurred groat 13d. The Scottish penny is to have the whole course it had before and the farthing to take 3s in the pound. And further, the lords ordain that if any man has made a contract since the last proclamation, or borrowed or loaned or bought or sold since the said time, they shall pay with such money at such value as it had at the time they made their contract, borrowed or loaned, bought or sold, etc. And this privilege is to last until the next feast of Lammas [1 August] and no longer for their payment etc., and to clear themselves.

Item, the lords think it expedient that there be a session according to the form of the last session held and with similar power. And the lords [are] to be chosen to sit thereupon, and the place to be appointed. And the burghs to be continued, the prelates, the barons [...]4for their part, and the commissioners for their part, and the rest to be referred to the acts made previously.

Item, it is decreed that no cows, oxen, sheep or other cattle be sold out of the realm by any of the king's lieges under pain of escheat, and the warden shall not have a licence to give power to the contrary.

Item, that there shall be only two sessions, one in Edinburgh and one in Perth. And the Edinburgh session is to sit for a month and the Perth session for five weeks; the Perth session is to begin the first Monday in October and the Edinburgh session [on] the 15 day of November.

Item, as for the justice ayres, notwithstanding that a part of them is set in feriat8 time, that nevertheless for the good of peace the ayres that are now set shall be lawful for the serving of brieves, falsing of dooms and the doing of all other justice,9 which ayres, and all things to be done in them, the lords of parliament authorise, ratify and approve.

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