Procedure: arrangements regarding judicial sessions

These persons [are selected] to the session of Perth: [Thomas Lauder], bishop of Dunkeld,2 [John Ramsay], abbot of3 Lindores, [Walter Stewart], archdeacon of St Andrews,4 and [?David Guthrie of that Ilk],5 the clerk of the register.6

For the barons: [William Keith], earl Marischal, [Alexander Lyon], lord Glamis,7 Robert Graham of Fintry, Andrew Charteris, William Bonar, Alexander Chalmers and [?David Guthrie of that Ilk],8 clerk of the register.

Item, as for the unlaws of the session of the kirkmen, the prelates shall have them, and the aforesaid barons shall have [those] of temporal men in the country, the aforementioned burgesses shall have [those] of burgesses and those within burghs.

Item, if any of the aforementioned persons named to sit on the said sessions happen to be ill or absent in the king's service on embassy, in that case our sovereign lord and his council shall choose another similarly discreet person who shall have the same power as the absent person.11

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