Warrant: for payment of 20,000 merks to the Lord Sinclair
Precept and warrand for payment to the Lord Sinclaire of 20,000 merkes

Forsameikle as the estates of parliament, now presently conveind by vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, takeing to ther consideratione that the commissionares for the commoune burdenes of this kingdome be ther act 23 Julii 1642 yeires, wpoun ane supplicatione givine in to them be Johne, lord Sinclaire, makand mentione of the great and vast expenss wherto he wes drivine by his employmentes in the publict service in Orknay and Caithnes in lifting ane regiment ther and lying with his regiment all the tyme of the troubles in the north pairtes, and in the meanetyme, his coallwarkes and salt panes ruined and the coillzieres and salteres disperst throw his absence, and that the said Lord Sinclaire fra tyme [he] gat orderes for lifting his regiment till the tyme the same did marche to Ireland (neir by the space of tuo yeeres) he being at ane great chairge and expenss, and that dureing the haill space he wanted his pay as collonell, did then ordeane Williame Thomsone to pay to the said Lord Sinclaire the soume of tuenty thousand merkes Scotts money, as the said act of the committy for the commoun burdings of the dait foirsaid proportes; and heirwith also the saids estates of parliament considdering that the foirsaid soume of tuenty thousand merkes Scottis money is not yit payed to the said Johne, lord Sinclaire, therfore, and in respect of the foirsaid respectis, causs and considerationes conteyned in the said act of the committy for the commoun burdenes, the saids estates of parliament be thir presentes gives warrand and command to the said Williame Thomsone, commissarie deput, to pay and delyver to the said Johne, lord Sinclaire the said soume of tuenty thousand merkes Scotts money out of the first and reddiest of any publict moneyes being in his hands, and that in pairt of payment of the soumes awand to him and conteyned in his former preceptes, quhairanent thir presentes shallbe ane sufficient warrand to the said Williame Thomsone.

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