Act of exonoration and approbation to Captain Wallace

The estates of parliament, presentlie conveind be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, considdering that Captane Wallace wes by order of the committie of estates in Apryle lastbypast in this instant yeir of God 1644, with consent of the erle of Callender, commander in cheefe of the forces than leveyed, and with consent of Johne, erle of Marr, heritable keeper of the castell of Stirling, appoynted to command over a garisone than present in the castell of Stirling, there to abyde dureing the tyme of the present distractiones within this kingdome; and now since the garisone is dismissed and it is the captanes earnest desyre that he may have liberty to returne to his chairge in Ireland, and that the said captane hath faithfully and trewly exerced and dischairged his said functione and charge in the said castell, heirfore the saides estates exoneres and dischairges the said Captane Wallace and approves him and his haill cariage in the dischairge of the said trust, and does heirby recommend him to his said chairge in Ireland.

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