Warrant: modification payable to the laird of Gight and others
Modificatioun to the laird of Geicht, Lindesay of Maynes, Maxwell of Meikltoune and Strudgon of Torrary

Forsameikle as Alexander, erle of Lithgow, preeses of the committy appoynted for tryeing of the laird of Geicht, Rodger Lindesay of Maynes, Williame Maxwell of Midkeltoun and Johne Strudgeoun of Torrary and some otheres conteyned in the commissioun granted theranent, having reported to the estates of parliament that George Gordoun of Geicht and the uther thrie persones abovenamed had, be there aithes givine in presence of the said committie, declared that they had no moneyes to menteyne themselves in waird, and that in respect therof the committie had modified the soume of thrie hundreth merkes to the laird of Geicht for interteinement of himselfe, his brother and servand, to the said Rodger Lindesay the soume of tua hundreth merkes [and] to the said William Maxwell the soume of ane hundreth punds for there interteinement in waird, quhilkes soumes the committy ordenit to be delyvered to Thomas Gordoun, agent in Edinburgh, for the laird of Geicht, his modificatione and to Alexander Maxwell, brother to Maister Williame Maxwell, advocat, for the other thrie persones abovenamed. Quhilke report being tane in consideratione be the estates of parliament, they allow of the foirsaid modificatione and therfore be thir presentes gives precept and warrand to Williame Thomsone, commissarie deput, to make payment of the foirsaid soumes and modificatione to the said Thomas Gordoun for the laird of Geicht and to the said Alexander Maxwell for the uther thrie persones abovenamed, quhairanent ther presentes shallbe a sufficient warrand.

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