Prayers said, rolles called.

Act anent the committee that goes along with the erle of Callenderes armie

The estates of parliament, presently conveind be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, taking to there consideratione the expediency of ane committy of some of every estate to goe alonges with James, erle of Callender, lord leutennent generall of the haill Scotts forces who are in service or shall serve in the commoun cause in Scotland or England, alsweill horse as foote, alsweill be sea as land, for giveing to him ther best advyce to the effect wndirwrittiin, hes nominat and appoynted George, lord Forrester, Johne, lord Yester, John, lord Sinclaire, Sir Johne Wauchope of Niddrie, knyght, Sir Thomas Ruthven of Frieland, Johne Ker of Lochtour, Archbald Sydserfe, merchand burges of Edinburgh, Johne Donyng, burges of Glasgow, Johne Rutherfoord, proveist of Jedburghe, or Adame Broun, burges therof in absence of the said Johne Rutherfoord, or any thrie of the haill abovenamed promiscuously as ane quorum, to be ane committie to goe alonges with the said leutennent generall; to whom, or any thrie of the foirsaid haill nomber promiscuouslie as ane quorum of the haill, the saides estates gives full power, commissioun and warrand to go alonges with the said lord leutennent generall and to give wnto him ther best advyce in the manageing of the forces with and wnder the chairge of the said lord leutennent generall to the greatest advantage of the cause and furtherance of the service according to the instructiones allreddy sent or to be sent to him or them, and in all other difficultyes and emergentes quhilke cannot abyde delay; and lykewayes to concurre with such as the English commissionares shall appoynt for haveing cair of the provisiones for the army, with subordinatione allwayes to the committy of estates at Edinburgh or at the army untill they joyne and be incorporat therin. And als the saides estates declares that whensoevir any of the committie of estates at Edinburghe or of the comitty of the Scottishe army in England shallbe present at this committy now appoynted, that these of the foirsaids tua committies abovenamed sua present with this committie as said is shall have place and voyce in this committy now appoynted as any of the nomber therof to the effect above specified.

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