Act and proclamatioun dischairging the mercat at Brighous knoue

Quhairas the estates of parliament, presently conveind be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine by his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, are informed that certane avaritious persones hath presumed at ther owne handis to set wp and keip mercates for saill of there goods at such places as they please, and speciallie at Brighous knowes and other places therabout in prejudice of the toune of Edinburgh and ther mercate at the House of Mure without ony laufull warrand, therfore the saids estates of parliament requyres and heirby commandis heralds to pas and be oppine proclamatione at the said Brighous knowes and otheres places needfull to dischairge all and quhatsomevir persones to keepe any mercat places with ther goods bot at such places as are allowed be the lawes of this kingdome, and specially that nane presume to set wp or keep any mercat at the said Brighous knowes or any other places of there owne, bot that they bring in ther goods to the said House of the Mure as they will be ansuerable.

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