Prayeres said, rolles called.

Procedure: instructions to the lieutenant general
Instructiones be the estates to the erle of Callender anent his commissioune as lord lieutennent generall

1. You shall withall possible diligence advance with the forces into England in persuence of the ends exprest in the covenant.

2. You shall by all meanes possible persew to the utmost the erles of Crawfurd, Montrois, Nithisdaill, Aboyne, Ogilvie, Hereis [and] Rae withall there adherentes and associates, our unnaturall cuntriemen; as lykewayes all otheres who hes or shall adjoyne themselves to them or shall be in armes aganes the parliamentes or estates of both or ather kingdomes.

3. You shalbe cairfulle as yow advance to take notice of Berwicke and Warkewith Castell and give such orderes as shalbe necessary for ther security.

4. You shall take notice of the conditione of the cuntrey, and alsemuch as in yow lyeth stopt the enemyes arraying of them or plwndering ther goods, and give the weell affected all assistance and encouragement which may best witnes our brotherly affectione to that kingdome.

5. You shall cairfully attend the motiones of these enemyes, and befor you engadge your selfe in any important designe of fixing your selffe before ony toune or strenth (except for secureing some sey portes for the provisione of the army and reliveing of the forces of Beshopricke incaise of extremety), endevor to dissipate ther forces.

6. You shall appoynt suche places as yow shall thinke most convenient and saife where victuall may be sent for ther supply, and what yow shall be necessitate to take from the cuntrey people for interteinment for the army cause it to be done in ane orderly way, and that billetes be gevine to them for the samene.

7. You shall keepe correspondence with the Inglish commissioneres and our forces in Beshoprike and be ayding and assisting to them as shall be necessary and expedient for ther good and furtherance of the service.

8. You shall (without prejudice to the fyfte article) be all meanes endevor to reduce and secure the toune of Newcastell, castell of Tynemouth and all other places possessed by the enemy for the use of the king and parliament of England, and make such use of the forces in Beshopricke as may conduce most for these ends, bot with a speciall regaird to the saifty of the toune of Swnderland.

9. You shall call to yow the weill affected gentrie and inhabitantes of the cuntrey quher yow shall happine to be for ther concurrence in every thing necessary for the good of the forces with yow and caryeing one of this worke.

10. You shalbe cairfull to obey and observe such orderes as from tyme to tyme yow shall receive from the parliament, ther committies, the lord generall or committies of both kingdomes, and as the rencounter with such difficultyes as yow conceave doe requyre there advyse, to acquant them therwith and to give them ane constant accompt of your proceidings.

11. Iff any emergentes occurre in the prosecutione of the former instructiones which cannot now be foirsene nor admitt delay without prejudice or loise, yow shall doe therin as in your judgement yow conceave may conduce most to the good and advancement of the service.

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