Warrant: concerning the committee of war in Perth
Foure warrandis to the committies of warr of the shereffdome of Pearth for putting out ther troups

The estates of parliament, now presentlie conveend be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and the thrie estates in anno 1641, gives warrand to Mr Patrike Murray, younger, of Auchtertyre for the committie of Creiff within the shereffdome of Pearth; item, to Sir Thomas Stewart of Gairntully for the committy of Dunkell within the sherefdome of Pearth; item, to Williame Oliphant, brother to Mr Niniane Oliphant of Couluquhar for the committy at Pearth and Williame Stirling of Auchyle for the committy at Dumbartane within the shereffdome of Pearth, and to ilke ane of the saidis four persones severally, to pas withall expeditione and diligence to the severall committies of warr abovedesigned of the said shereffdome of Pearth and requyre and command them and everie ane of them, in name of the estates of parliament, to send over with all possible heast these troupes that are to be outreiked for that shyre, and direct the commanderes to use cairfully all possible diligence for gathering togither the haill trouperes and to bring them over in all haist, quhairanent thir presentes shallbe a warrand; and ordeanes the saids four severall persones abovenamed to returne to the parliament one Thursday the Tuenty of this instant to give ane accompt of there diligence.

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