Act anente the modificatioun to the laird [of] Haddo and Johne Logie for there interteinment in waird

Forsameikle as Alexander, erle of Lithgow, preeses of that committie appoynted for trying of the laird of Haddo, the laird of Geich, Johne Logie and some otheres mentionat in the commissione granted to that effect, quha ar presently incarcerate within the tolboothe of Edinburghe, haveing reported to the estates of parliament that Haddo, be his aithe givine to the foirsaid committy, had declaired that he had no moneyes to menteine himselfe, and that in respect therof the said committy had modified the soume of foure hundreth punds to be givine to the use and mentinance of the laird of Haddo and his thrie serveands, and fourtie punds for the use and mentinance of the said Johne Logie; quhilkes soumes of four hundreth and fourty punds the said committy ordenit to be delyvered to Thomas Gordoun, agent, indueller in the Cannogat, in name and for the use respective foirsaid of the saids laird of Haddo and Johne Logie. Quhilke report being tane in consideratione be the estates of parliament, they allow the foirsaid modificatione and ordeanes the foirsaid soume of four hundreth modified for the use foirsaid of the laird of Haddo, as also the fourty punds modified for the use of the said Johne Logie, to be payed and delyvered be Williame Thomsone to the said Thomas Gordoun for ther use and in ther names wpoun his acquittance and dischairge to be granted and subscryved be him wpoun the resait therof; and for this effect, the saides estates be thir presentes gives warrand and command to the said William Thomsone to pay and delyver the foirsaids soumes of four hundreth and fourty punds to the said Thomas Gordoune as said is, and ordeines Johne Denholme, commissar for the northerne expeditioune, to repay and refound bake agane the saids soumes of four hundreth and fourty punds to the said Williame Thomsone.

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