Order: dispensation for the sitting of inferior judicatories
Dispensatioun for sitting of inferiour judicatories quhill the last of August nixt inclusive

Forsameikle as the estates of parliament, now presently conveined be vertew of the last act of the last parliament haldine be his matie and thrie estates in anno 1641, being cairfull that justice be administrat to the leiges and that the administratione therof in the severall inferior judicatories of this kingdome be not hindrit nor prejudged be this present parliament, therfor the saidis estaites of parliament grantes dispensatione to all the judges principall and deputes of the haill inferiour judicacatories within this kingdome to sitt for administratione of justice in the severall jurisdictiones and judicatories respective dureing the haill tyme of the sitting of this present highe court of parliament and notwithstanding of the sitting of the said parliament and quhill the last day of August nixtocome inclusive; and ordeanes publict proclamatione to be made heirof be sound of trumpet at the mercat croce of Edinburghe to the effect abovespecified; and declaires this present act and publicatione therof foirsaid to be ane sufficient warrand for sitting of the foirsaids inferiour judycatories dureing the space abovementionat without ony other dispensatioun to be sought or granted for that effect.

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