Prayers said, rolles called.

Order: in favour of Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit
Ordinance in favoures of the Lord Scottistarvet anent the regent off the humanitie in St Leonardes Colledge

The estates of parliament, haveing considered the supplicatione givine in be Sir Johne Scot of Scottistarbet, with assistance of James Maxwell of Innerweik, desyreing the act of the generall assembly for reestablishing the regent of humanity in St Leonard's Colledge to be ratified and approvine, with additione anent the reestablishing of the said regent, conforme to the first fundatione and contractes made theranent, and that he may have his proportionable pairt of his maties beneficence granted to the wniversity of St Androis, conforme to the gift granted be the king's matie to the said regent of humanity for that effect, and also that he be declaired a member of the said wniversity and capable of all dignities, priviledges and emolumentes in lykemaner as any other regent or member of the said wniversity, sieing (this being granted) the supplicant is most willing to mortifie all of new to the said regent, as the supplicatione at mair lenth beires; they find the desyre foirsaid ressonable and therfore they grant the samene desyre.

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